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About Me:

Jurrit ( Talk | Contributions )

Player versus Player (PvP):

PvP Interests

  • I am waiting for more information to be released about Guild Wars 2 PvP

GW1 Guild History

  • Guild:Bubblegum Dragons|Bubblegum Dragons, PvP guild average rank 200-300.
  • Guild:Fairly Harmless|Fairly Harmless, ranked top 100 for a while, as a topper rank 12 in mid season.
  • Guild:Centuria Europa Nova (CEN)|Centuria Europa Nova, PvX guild average rank 300-500 [GotW]

more information can be found on my Guild Wars 1 wiki [profile].

Player versus Environement (PvE):

PvE Interests

  • Guild Wars 2 PvE sounds good, I am curious.
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