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Houston, we have a problem.

Material Name Cost Value
Essence of Luck (rare)
Essence of Luck (masterwork)
Essence of Luck (fine)
Foxfire Cluster 48
Blade Shard
Pile of Coarse Sand
Milling Basin
Milling Stone 9
Glob of Red Ooze 66
Pouch of Brown Pigment 6
Crystalline Bottle 4
Auric Sliver
Pouch of Red Pigment 6
Pouch of White Pigment 6
Agonized Essence
Pile of Beryl Dust 66
Badge of Tribute 38
Uzolan's Notes
Sculptor's Tools 66
Tenebrous Crystal 16
Essence of Light 37
Shimmering Crystal 16
Spirit of the Perfected Daysword 66
Glob of Yellow Ooze 66
Glob of Green Ooze 66
Glob of Blue Ooze 66
Tub of Wood Glue
Bag of Mortar
Bolt of Embroidered Silk
Raw Honey
Michotl Tribe's Herbs
Mosquito Blood
Sun God's Vial
Deadly Nightshade
Hylek Dart Poison Gland
Globe 66
Spinning Mechanism 66
Essence of Natural Protection 66
Essence of Ancient Knowledge 66
Finely Tuned Firing Pin 66
Advanced Ammunition Cylinder 66
Bow Wings
Mists Enchanted Mechanism
Technomancy Blueprint
Meteorite Ore
Aetherblade Gearbox Mechanism
Lump of Beeswax 66
Stabilizing Gyroscope
Black Powder (item) 66
Living Flame 66
Human Constellation Chapter
Norn Constellation Chapter
Charr Constellation Chapter
Bloodbound Adjuster
Nuhoch Saliva
Golden Oxide Compound
Energized Branded Crystal
Spirit of The Bard Experiment 66
Egg of Winds 66
Spirit of the Ravenswood Staff 66
Memory of Battle
Raven Statue (Legendary Component) 66
Essence of the Wild Spirit 66
Spirit of the Perfected Rifle 66
Rune Enchanted Rings
Aurillium Capsule
Destroyer's Heat
Rune Carving Tools 66
Concentrated Volatile Substance
Hylek Alchemy Chapter 1: Poisons
Hylek Alchemy Chapter 2: Healing Breath
Hylek Alchemy Chapter 3: Sun God's Breath
Star Charter's Bag
Counterweighting Mechanism
Finely Tuned Watchwork Mechanism
Flawless Ancient Karka Husk
Krait Oil
Soft Fur
Swamp-Cured Leather
Scope 66
Paid Tournament Token
Singed Griffon Feather
Visionary Inscription 83
Bolt of Empowered Silk
Carbonized Mithrillium Ingot
Blended Leather Sheet
Vial of Magic
Vial of Might
Square of Vabbian Silk
Weaponized Elder Wood Plank
Composite Wood Board
Weaponized Mithril Ingot
Empowered Mithril Ingot
Weaponized Cured Thick Leather Square
Empowered Cured Thick Leather Square
Envoy Insignia 80
Shard of Glory
Hearty Sugar Rib
Congealed Putrescence
Eye of Kormir
Elonian Matrix
Bag of Coffee Beans
Sliver of Twitching Forgemetal 32
Choya Spine
Pungent Jacaranda Bloom
Harpy Feathers (consumable)
Ley Line Spark 0
Bottle of Airship Oil
Pile of Auric Dust
Pulsing Brandspark
Heroic Banner Ornament
Pile of Compost Starter
Pile of Powdered Gelatin Mix