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Did you know:

A wiki account is not required to edit most pages. Every contributor is appreciated!

You can access the wiki's Event timers by typing "/wiki et" while in-game.

The contributors to this wiki are players, just like you. With Path of Fire being released on September 22nd, we appreciate all help in documenting the new content.
We're players helping players!

There's an ongoing player-run and ArenaNet-funded project, On Wiki of Gold.
Now you can help out and get rewarded for doing so!

The wiki is home to many community projects, such as the Shared Model Project.
There is always information that we're missing or have out-of-date, especially after patches and releases.

You can track your home instance cat collection or your rare dye collection via the wiki.
Create an API key at and select both "Progression" and "Unlocks".

If you've been moving around a lot of pages or files, and have been leaving many redirects behind to be deleted, we've got an extended editor system for you.
Talk to one of our bureaucrats for more information.

Wiki-etiquette is pretty simple:
Every well-intentioned edit is appreciated; be Bold; and if in doubt, talk it out.

This wiki is home to 92,108 articles, has had 2,219,546 edits, and is currently being grown and maintained by 242 active users!

We've got a series of help pages to get you started, as well as an ask a wiki question page and a helper program.

To help you help others, we have a Feedback button at the top of our pages so you can by-pass having to learn wiki-code.
Feel free to press it to keep this community project up-to-date!