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The Netherlands
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Ruins Of Surmia (EU)
Armada of Doom
Best Title
The Be-All-And-End-All
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Guild Wars 2[edit]

Welcome to one of the first pages of player information. I am Devoraz and playing GW2 since the first BWE. I also play the original GuildWars and I have a character sheet on the GuildWarsWiki site too.

I currently reside in the Ruins Of Surmia World and I have created A lot of characters over the years. I hold 3 Guild Wars 2 accounts (one of which is a free account), but my primary account has all expansions too. I bought my primary game and all expansions as a pre-purchase package. A human ranger is my prime character, but I often like to play with my Norn Warrior or my Charr Necromancer.

I am also the leader of the Fraternity of the Disavowed Guild. This guild was founded out of the remnants of the disbanded BigBadTeam Guild after the defeat of Abaddon. It will be a part in the war against the Elder Dragons.

Expect to see more about me and my characters here.