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About Me

You are entering the land of Burr. A dedicated Luxon who seeks to gain greater strength.....Ok enough with the silliness. I used to be primarily PvE but I am not much of a title hunter and have now started to PvP more and more. My current goal is to max my Luxon title, currently at r11. While I do not have and PvP characters it matters little because all of my PvP chars have armor sets set for PvP so It makes no difference. I am also a GWVM on youtube my account is BurrTheKing

What I hope to see in future updates

On the topic of builds....


1. A change to shadow form to make it unable to solo most of the game but can be used as a tank to avoid makeing sins unpopular in PvE again.(Done for the most part)
2. More skills made viable to see more diversity in PvP.
3. The tactics line being made usable by warriors again.(I'm satisfied with the changes)
4. Some change to high end PvP to make it more open for new players.

I am always open to builds that are creative and non-meta, but I also know its pointless to NOT meta in some PvP if you want in.Currently I really like to use the Dev Hammer build for my war.

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As for GW2...

At first I was seriously considering skipping out on thins game bacause of the fact that Izzy would be the skills man again(Dun Dun Dum). However, after the recent trailers and rumors that the skill system will be more simplified, I had a change of heart. What I would really want is the option to go INSIDE buildings and not go "Yah it looks nice but I can't take a look into it." Also, as I previously stated I want the skills system to be more simple to avoid people abusing the combos to gain an insane lolwut advantage. Lastly, Make farming more difficult or have a system that you can make money without having to farm, and no silly ideas about having a skill that makes you a god except for a few (very) rare situations.