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Unstable Bloodstone Shard

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Unstable Bloodstone Shard

Unstable Bloodstone Shard.jpg

Confessor's Stronghold
(Fragmented Wastes)

Unstable Bloodstone Shards are large pieces of bloodstone found during the Living World Season 3 story step Confessor's Stronghold. They will zap the player with magic, draining endurance and reducing attack speed unless reflected with the Counter Magic mastery. If reflected, the beam between the player and the chunk will drain the Defiance bars of any foes caught in between and grant players an increase in attack speed. They are the larger variation of Unstable Bloodstone Chunks.

The Shards can be encountered a total of three times during the course of Confessor's Stronghold;

  1. First, a pair of Bloodstone Elemental Maulers are protected by magical shields. By using Counter Magic and exposing the Maulers to the beam created between nearby bloodstone shards and the player, the shields can be stripped away to make the Maulers vulnerable to attack.
  2. Secondly, Justiciar Adrienne will use the Bloodstone several times during her fight; each time, she begins to spin around the arena and gains an unbreakable shield (similar to the Maulers) that is removed in much the same way.
  3. Finally, there are four shards in the final battle with Caudecus' Subjugated Jade Construct. Though interacting with them is not strictly necessary to win, the shards will reduce the attack speed of nearby players unless Counter Magic is used. Exposing the construct to the beam will damage it and its Defiance bar, which can make the fight easier.

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