Tinker's Package

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Tinker's Package

Tinker's Package banner.jpg

Gem Store banner.

Usable by any character, this pack contains several popular upgrades for the aspiring craftsman.
Valued at 2,650 gems.
This pack contains the following items:

— In-game description

Tinker's Package is a Gem Store bundle.


Vendor Area Zone Cost
Gem Store/unavailable Gem Store (item currently unavailable) 2,650 Gem.png


The contents (instead of the package) are directly sent via an in-game mail titled "Delivery from: Black Lion Trading Company".


  • Pricing is adjusted dynamically per item already owned. In such cases, the description reads: "The following items are not included due to purchase limits. Price has been adjusted appropriately."
  • The contents of the complete package are valued at 2,700 Gem.png before the November 13, 2018 game update that reduced the gem price of Upgrade Extractors. After the change, the contents are valued at 2,533 Gem.png.

Gem Store history[edit]