Tinker's Package

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Usable by any character, this pack contains several popular upgrades for the aspiring craftsman.
Valued at 2,650 gems.
This pack contains the following items:

  • Heroic Booster
  • Upgrade Extractor
  • Shared Inventory Slot
  • Basic Cloth Rack
  • Additional Crafting License

— In-game description

Tinker's Package.png Tinker's Package is a Gem Store bundle.


Vendor Area Zone Cost
Gem Store (unavailable) 2,650 Gem.png


The contents (instead of the package) are directly sent via an in-game mail titled "Delivery from: Black Lion Trading Company".


  • Pricing is adjusted dynamically per item already owned. In such cases, the description reads: "The following items are not included due to purchase limits. Price has been adjusted appropriately."
  • This package was first made available on the 22nd of November, 2016.