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Frostbite Blue Dye (Blue)
Glint's Purview Dye (Blue)
Celestial Blue Dye (Blue)
Glint's Sanctuary Dye (Blue)
Electro Blue Dye (Blue)
Sea Ice Dye (Blue)
Winter Ice Dye (Blue)
Pastel Sea Dye (Blue)
Blue Ice Dye (Blue)
Pastel Winter Dye (Blue)
Pastel Blue Dye (Blue)
Core Ice Dye (Blue)
Sea Breeze Dye (Blue)
Winter Breeze Dye (Blue)
Ghost Dye (Blue)
Frost Breeze Dye (Blue)
Sea Frost Dye (Blue)
Powder Blue Dye (Blue)
Baby Blue Dye (Blue)
Winter Frost Dye (Blue)
Oasis Dye (Blue)
Dapple Dye (Blue)
Brook Dye (Blue)
Dewdrop Dye (Blue)
Spring Dew Dye (Blue)
Shiver Sky Dye (Blue)
Sand Shark Dye (Blue)
Sky Dye (Blue)
Seafoam Dye (Blue)
Breeze Dye (Blue)
Stream Dye (Blue)
Midday Dye (Blue)
River Dye (Blue)
Glacial Sky Dye (Blue)
Spring Tide Dye (Blue)
Valor Dye (Blue)
Forgiveness Dye (Blue)
Denim Dye (Blue)
Robin Dye (Blue)
Summer Sky Dye (Blue)
Kyanite Dye (Blue)
Turquoise Dye (Blue)
Lapis Dye (Blue)
Cobalt Dye (Blue)
Shy Blue Dye (Blue)
Blue Sky Dye (Blue)
Sincerity Dye (Blue)
Hydrangea Dye (Blue)
Teal Dye (Blue)
Deep Glacial Sky Dye (Blue)
Blueberry Dye (Blue)
Desert Harpy Dye (Blue)
Cyanide Dye (Blue)
Legend Dye (Blue)
Blue Rose Dye (Blue)
Sea Green Dye (Blue)
Nightsong Dye (Blue)
Enameled Sky Dye (Blue)
Cerulean Sky Dye (Blue)
Blue Lion Dye (Blue)
Afternoon Dye (Blue)
Alpine Dye (Blue)
Regal Dye (Blue)
Deep Teal Dye (Blue)
Blue Orchid Dye (Blue)
Spruce Dye (Blue)
Ocean Dye (Blue)
Royal Blue Dye (Blue)
Enameled Solitude Dye (Blue)
Vista Dye (Blue)
Resolution Dye (Blue)
Phthalo Blue Dye (Blue)
Zaffre Dye (Blue)
Midnight Blue Dye (Blue)
Wintergreen Dye (Blue)
Starry Night Dye (Blue)
Sapphire Dye (Blue)
Cerulean Night Dye (Blue)
Exodus Dye (Blue)
Shadow Turquoise Dye (Blue)
Shadow Blue Dye (Blue)
Midnight Ice Dye (Blue)
Abyssal Sea Dye (Blue)
Frostbite Green Dye (Green)
Electro Lime Dye (Green)
Glint's Ambition Dye (Green)
Lime Ice Dye (Green)
Mint Ice Dye (Green)
Olive Ice Dye (Green)
Pastel Olive Dye (Green)
Pastel Mint Dye (Green)
Pastel Lime Dye (Green)
Frozen Scales Dye (Green)
Freshen Dye (Green)
Mint Breeze Dye (Green)
Spring Breeze Dye (Green)
Quickstalk Dye (Green)
Lime Breeze Dye (Green)
Stem Dye (Green)
Spring Dye (Green)
Green Lion Dye (Green)
Zest Dye (Green)
Mint Dye (Green)
Wintermint Dye (Green)
Slime Green Dye (Green)
Morning Sea Dye (Green)
Limonite Dye (Green)
Mintay Dye (Green)
Shiver Sea Dye (Green)
Sprout Dye (Green)
Olive Yew Dye (Green)
Acrid Dye (Green)
Mist Dye (Green)
Key Lime Dye (Green)
Spring Moss Dye (Green)
Nightmare Dye (Green)
Enameled Onset Dye (Green)
Fresh Green Dye (Green)
Sour Dye (Green)
Ceylon Dye (Green)
Spring Leaf Dye (Green)
Underworld Dye (Green)
Glacial Teal Dye (Green)
Algae Dye (Green)
Olive Oil Dye (Green)
Sprig Dye (Green)
Wasabi Dye (Green)
Growth Dye (Green)
Avocado Dye (Green)
Acid Dye (Green)
Choya Dye (Green)
Toxin Dye (Green)
Spring Grass Dye (Green)
Highland Dye (Green)
Crisp Mint Dye (Green)
Spite Dye (Green)
Sour Apple Dye (Green)
Green Apple Dye (Green)
Enameled Jungle Dye (Green)
Grape Leaf Dye (Green)
Deep Glacial Teal Dye (Green)
Limette Dye (Green)
Green Dye (Green)
Aqua Satin Dye (Green)
Lime Dye (Green)
Caustic Dye (Green)
Leprechaun Dye (Green)
Cucumber Dye (Green)
Viridian Dye (Green)
Canopy Dye (Green)
Dark Olive Dye (Green)
Envy Dye (Green)
Jalapeno Dye (Green)
Summer Grass Dye (Green)
Spearmint Dye (Green)
Evening Grass Dye (Green)
Enameled Perseverance Dye (Green)
Kelly Dye (Green)
Swampblack Dye (Green)
Evergreen Dye (Green)
Enameled Longevity Dye (Green)
Midnight Olive Dye (Green)
Emerald Dye (Green)
Midnight Green Dye (Green)
Midnight Teal Dye (Green)
Jungle Dye (Green)
Shadow Green Dye (Green)
Abyssal Forest Dye (Green)
Sandstorm Dye (Brown)
Mithril Dye (Brown)
Nickel Dye (Brown)
Old Nickel Dye (Brown)
Carnage Orange Dye (Brown)
Enameled Generation Dye (Brown)
Deep Pine Dye (Brown)
Deep Maple Dye (Brown)
Umber Dye (Brown)
Dark Chocolate Dye (Brown)
Midnight Gold Dye (Brown)
Midnight Rust Dye (Brown)
Midnight Bronze Dye (Brown)
Electro Lemon Dye (Yellow)
Daybreak Dye (Yellow)
Incandescent Dye (Yellow)
Iboga Dye (Yellow)
Sulfur Dye (Yellow)
Glint's Isolation Dye (Yellow)
Pastel Lemon Dye (Yellow)
Spring Ice Dye (Yellow)
Honey Ice Dye (Yellow)
Pastel Honey Dye (Yellow)
Aureus Dye (Yellow)
Flare Dye (Yellow)
Citrus Ice Dye (Yellow)
Lemon Ice Dye (Yellow)
Nectar Dye (Yellow)
Pastel Spring Dye (Yellow)
Banana Dye (Yellow)
Cornsilk Dye (Yellow)
Imperial Gold Dye (Yellow)
Lemon Zest Dye (Yellow)
Honeysuckle Dye (Yellow)
Dawn Dye (Yellow)
Illumination Dye (Yellow)
Ancient Silver Dye (Yellow)
Lemonade Dye (Yellow)
Enameled Banana Dye (Yellow)
Golden Lion Dye (Yellow)
Butter Dye (Yellow)
Daffodil Dye (Yellow)
Chartreuse Dye (Yellow)
Lemon Dye (Yellow)
Redemption Dye (Yellow)
Honey Dye (Yellow)
Harvest Gold Dye (Yellow)
Tangerine Dye (Yellow)
Enameled Legacy Dye (Yellow)
Amber Dye (Yellow)
Clove Dye (Yellow)
Peach Ice Dye (Orange)
Pastel Citrus Dye (Orange)
Buttercream Dye (Orange)
Citrus Breeze Dye (Orange)
Sunfire Lava Dye (Orange)
Citrus Dye (Orange)
Orange Frost Dye (Orange)
Pyre Dye (Orange)
Strawberry Cream Dye (Orange)
Creamsicle Dye (Orange)
Urn Dye (Orange)
Cantaloupe Dye (Orange)
Searing Dye (Orange)
Destroyer Orange Dye (Orange)
Honeybutter Dye (Orange)
Orange Spring Dye (Orange)
Vabbian Bronze Dye (Orange)
Melon Dye (Orange)
Molten Dye (Orange)
Pumpkin Orange Dye (Orange)
Peach Sunset Dye (Orange)
Apricot Dye (Orange)
Warband Dye (Orange)
Scorched Dye (Orange)
Enameled Brass Dye (Orange)
Sherbert Dye (Orange)
Blush Dye (Orange)
Orange Dye (Orange)
Bold Dye (Orange)
Papaya Dye (Orange)
Bloom Dye (Orange)
Grapefruit Dye (Orange)
Root Dye (Orange)
Salmon Dye (Orange)
Sienna Dye (Orange)
Hazel Dye (Orange)
Enameled Emblaze Dye (Orange)
Sunset Dye (Orange)
Rust Dye (Orange)
Autumn Dye (Orange)
Cinnamon Dye (Orange)
Brick Dye (Orange)
Harrowing Maroon Dye (Orange)
Shadow Orange Dye (Orange)
Electro Peach Dye (Red)
Pastel Pink Dye (Red)
Pastel Peach Dye (Red)
Pink Ice Dye (Red)
Strawberry Breeze Dye (Red)
Sunrise Breeze Dye (Red)
Electro Pink Dye (Red)
Rose Ice Dye (Red)
Pastel Rose Dye (Red)
Primrose Dye (Red)
Rose Gold Dye (Red)
Tulip Dye (Red)
Rose Breeze Dye (Red)
Pink Tint Dye (Red)
Humiliation Dye (Red)
Flush Dye (Red)
Pink Dye (Red)
Cotton Candy Dye (Red)
Heather Dye (Red)
Coral Dye (Red)
Persephone Dye (Red)
Hot Pink Dye (Red)
Watermelon Dye (Red)
Crush Dye (Red)
Strawberry Dye (Red)
Mullberry Dye (Red)
Flame Dye (Red)
Infernal Dye (Red)
Red Lion Dye (Red)
Enameled Strawberry Dye (Red)
Magma Dye (Red)
Ruby Red Dye (Red)
Fuchsia Dye (Red)
Adobe Sunset Dye (Red)
Lava Dye (Red)
Legionnaire Dye (Red)
Imperial Red Dye (Red)
Chestnut Dye (Red)
Ember Red Dye (Red)
Red Dye (Red)
Royal Rose Dye (Red)
Spitfire Dye (Red)
Crimson Lion Dye (Red)
Cherry Dye (Red)
Enameled Sacrifice Dye (Red)
Enameled Anamnesis Dye (Red)
Scarlet Dye (Red)
Evening Red Dye (Red)
Bloodstone Coral (Red)
Lipstick Dye (Red)
Lifesblood Dye (Red)
Rosewood Dye (Red)
Blood Dye (Red)
Enameled Crimson Dye (Red)
Ruby Dye (Red)
Wrath Dye (Red)
Maroon Dye (Red)
Hydra Dye (Red)
Burgundy Dye (Red)
Black Cherry Dye (Red)
Bloodstone Dark Coral (Red)
Heirloom Dye (Red)
Bloodstone Dark Violet (Red)
Shadow Magenta Dye (Red)
Shattered Dye (Purple)
Glint's Crystal Dye (Purple)
Glint's Rebellion Dye (Purple)
Purple Ice Dye (Purple)
Wine Ice Dye (Purple)
Electro Purple Dye (Purple)
Violet Ice Dye (Purple)
Pastel Purple Dye (Purple)
Pastel Wine Dye (Purple)
Pastel Violet Dye (Purple)
Wine Breeze Dye (Purple)
Purple Breeze Dye (Purple)
Violet Breeze Dye (Purple)
Shylac Dye (Purple)
Shy Lilac Dye (Purple)
Heliotrope Dye (Purple)
Scenic Dye (Purple)
Plum Dye (Purple)
Lilac Dye (Purple)
Thistle Dye (Purple)
Mountain Sky Dye (Purple)
Summer Thistle Dye (Purple)
Deep Lilac Dye (Purple)
Phlox Dye (Purple)
Veronica Dye (Purple)
Periwinkle Dye (Purple)
Violite Dye (Purple)
Iris Blush Dye (Purple)
Morning Glory Dye (Purple)
Mischief Dye (Purple)
Lavender Dye (Purple)
Arrogance Dye (Purple)
Pride Dye (Purple)
Crystal Dye (Purple)
Blurple Dye (Purple)
Glory Dye (Purple)
Cobolt Dye (Purple)
Grapesicle Dye (Purple)
Violet Dye (Purple)
Grape Gum Dye (Purple)
Grapevine Dye (Purple)
Purple Dye (Purple)
Arcane Dye (Purple)
Rich Grape Dye (Purple)
Blue Whale Dye (Purple)
Iris Dye (Purple)
Enameled Reign Dye (Purple)
Blacklight Dye (Purple)
Branded Dye (Purple)
Orchid Dye (Purple)
Grape Dye (Purple)
Evening Wine Dye (Purple)
Midnight Fuchsia Dye (Purple)
Midnight Violet Dye (Purple)
Indigo Dye (Purple)
Bloodstone Violet (Purple)
Royal Purple Dye (Purple)
Vincent Dye (Purple)
Wine Dye (Purple)
Bloodstone Indigo (Purple)
Fear Dye (Purple)
Brandstorm Dye (Purple)
Bloodstone Dark Indigo (Purple)
Shadow Violet Dye (Purple)
Tarnished Silver Dye (Gray)
Fog Dye (Gray)
Silver Satin Dye (Gray)
Fluff Dye (Gray)
Lead Dye (Gray)
Shadow Abyss Dye (Gray)
Midnight Fire Dye (Gray)

Since the sort looked like it's only light-dark, which is kinda useless, I've made it go hue then light-dark. It'll take a while for the example above to update. -Chieftain AlexUser Chieftain Alex sig.png 19:58, 24 June 2017 (UTC)

Wee colours! =D - Doodleplex 20:13, 24 June 2017 (UTC)
I take it all the rgb colours (cloth for example) are us converting the rgb specified in the API to hex? (question for Darqam i suppose since he did the Jormag dye set most recently). Hex is really crummy to sort with. -Chieftain AlexUser Chieftain Alex sig.png 20:29, 24 June 2017 (UTC)