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Churning Earth.png Churning Earth is this user's favorite skill.


{{User favorite skill|1|2|3|4}}


1: Profession: In the form "e", "w", "g", etc. This gives the template the color information.
    If it's a common skill, you can either omit this parameter or chose "any".
2: Skill name: In the form seen on the wiki or in-game, i.e. "Churning Earth".
3: Your name, your character's name: This will show up as "[...] is Elementalist favorite skill." Defaults to "this user".
4: Elite status: State with "yes", "y", "elite" or "e" that you skill is elite to include this in the box description.


{{User favorite skill|e|Mist Form|Example|yes}}
Mist Form.png Mist Form is Example's favorite elite skill.

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