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This template creates an element which is used by Template:tp total calculate to calculate and display the total value of a given materials list. (Please note that tp total calculate should only be used once per page)


{{tp total placeholder|info = buys|
<item 1 quantity>; <item 1 name>
<item 2 quantity>; <item 2 name>
<item 3 quantity>; <item 3 name>


1 (unnamed parameter)
Item quantity and name.
Use semi-colons to separate the item quantity, item name and item fallback value (value is optional, and could for example be a vendor price).
Use new lines to separate different items.
"buys" (default), "sells", "sellst"
direct cost
Allows an additional vendor cost to be specified, e.g. when trading Grandmaster Huntsman's Mark, an additional 5 Gold coin is incurred (direct cost = 50000).
Optional, by default new line is used.


It would cost a total of {{tp total placeholder|
50; Orichalcum Ingot
50; Elder Wood Plank
| direct cost = 50000
}} to craft a random item using the buy it now price.

{{tp total calculate}}
It would cost a total of
to craft a random item using the buy it now price.

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