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{{map objective|<type>|<name>}}

Defines a map objective. This template is used on location pages to list map objectives in the location, and to define the SMW properties for those objectives. The output is an icon, link (if appropriate) and a chat link (if an ID is defined). If an insufficient number of parameters have been provided, then the page is added to Category:Pages with incorrect template usage.

This template is for defining map objectives, and should generally only be used in the Locations and Objects section of location pages. If you're writing something that needs to link to a map objective (e.g. in a Getting There section), use {{waypoint}}, {{point of interest}} or manual formatting with {{map icon}}. A small "usage note" link will be added to the end of the template display if it's used on a page without Property:Has location type set, pointing editors to this documentation page.


Unnamed parameter 1
Required. Type of location. Options:
asura gate
point of interest
hero challenge
jumping puzzle
Unnamed parameter 2
Required. Name of the objective.
Unnamed parameter 3
Optional. Display name of the objective.
Optional. If given, shows the chat link to the objective. Should only be used for waypoints and points of interest.
Optional. Replaces the default separator of — 
Optional. The status of the objective. See Template:Infobox status for allowed values and their meaning.
subobject index
Optional. Only use if two identically named waypoints exist on the same page.


Note: if the page exists and has game id set on it, this template will look up the chatlink.

:{{map objective|point of interest|Posternus Caverns}}
Point of interest.png
Posternus Caverns
:{{map objective|point of interest|Posternus Caverns|id=1628}}
Point of interest.png
Posternus Caverns