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The status indicates the current availability of the content. The template is only for use in the infobox, for pages lacking an infobox users should use the notice templates directly.


{{infobox status|<status>}}


Unnamed parameter 1
The status of the content.
  • current - Default.
  • unimplemented - Content that is known but never added as content within the game. This is usually content found from datamining.
  • future - Content that is known but will be added in a future update. This is usually content found from datamining or gameplay previews.
  • historical - This is content that existed in the game at some point but was removed.
  • discontinued - This is content available in the game but can no longer be generated by players. This content is usually items.
  • temporary - This content is sometimes available during certain seasonal events. This typically applies to locations, events and NPCs. No banner is displayed.
  • temporary item - This content is only obtainable during certain seasonal events, but persists when created. This typically applies to items. No banner is displayed.
If the parameter "status" is not set in an infobox, then the last previously called status template, if used, passes the variable "infobox status" to this template and which will set the properties here accordingly.
Unnamed parameter 2
Only applies to historical content, allows further information to be provided.
Only applies to historical content. This sets the specified date instead of the date of the edit that marked the page as historical.


{{infobox status}}
{{infobox status|unimplemented}}
{{infobox status|future}}
{{infobox status|historical}}
{{infobox status|discontinued}}