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This template generates a navigation table for the collection(s) that include the item. It will include the item to unlock the collection and the rewarded item. It will only display on an item page if it is part of a collection (unless the page parameter is used). The table is generated using SMW so if an item is not showing then make sure that item has the correct collection in its infobox.


Unnamed parameter 1
Collection achievement's canonical name. Defaults to the collections of the current page.
Allows template to pull collections from another item page.
Hides the contents of the nav table, automatically hides the nav table for 30 or more collection items.
"exclude" (default), "include", "only". Specify how skins are handled by the template.


Standard Usage
{{collection nav}}
Alternate Usage
{{collection nav|page=Mystic Staff}}

{{collection nav|page=Jormag's Claw Fragment}}

{{collection nav|page=Weighted Golem Cube}}