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Wishing-Well Voice[edit]

You get vocal responses depending on which type of coin you give to the well.

Upon throwing in a copper, silver, or gold coin, you are addressed directly by what seems to be the voice of Palawa Joko:

  • Copper
  • Please remember that any contribution helps. I could use more help than that.
  • Thank you for the modest reward for your rescue from the Elder Dragon.
  • A small price to pay for your continued existence and the possibility of eternal Awakening.
  • Thank you, and remember—the Sunspears are everywhere. Report everything.
  • Excellent, living one. Go forth and mercilessly disembowel my enemies with my full blessing.
  • Silver
  • A small price to pay for your continued existence and the possibility of eternal Awakening.
  • Two thousand four hundred twenty-two, two thousand four hundred twenty-three, two thousand five... No, three? Uh-oh.
  • Your reward will be commensurate with your unremarkable contribution.
  • Very charitable. Wait, this isn't my face on this coin! Where did you find this? Guards!
  • Some of your funds may go to a proposed center, probably to review the charitable needs of potentially orphaned children.
  • Gold
  • Weren't you bumped into a higher tribute bracket after your last endowment audit?
  • Oh-ho! This coin is a rare, primeval artifact! Many thanks for your inadvertently valuable donation to my cause.
  • I am moved to tears by your tribute.
  • Contratulations. As the 10,000th contributor, I will reveal the location of my secret treasure—wait, no, you're 10,001.
  • With this protection donation, my Mordant Crescent can guarantee you minimal patellar trauma through the end of this year.

If, however, you throw in a mystic coin, a female voice that is obviously against Joko's regime makes a general declaration not directed at you in particular:

  • Mystic Coin
  • Escape if you can! The Temple of Kormir is safe and will welcome you.
  • Down with the regime! Joko is a liar and a tyrant! The people of Elona will be free!
  • Freedom is at the door! People of Vabbi, the gods know the truth!

The speakers are only identified (in the chat log) as "Wishing-Well Voice". How curious. --- Karob • 18:12, 8 October 2017 (UTC)