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I have an issue where my asura revenant occasionally ends up inside a rock or wall if the enemy is right up next to one after I use this has happened several times and my guild mates think it's funny since there is no way for me to get out except by using a waypoint or /stuck if I'm in a instance. does anyone else have this issue?

Hey there! This is sadly a known issues with transform-teleport skills. It's best that you submit a bug report to Anet either in-game or through the given link. (and maybe one day they'll find the bit of code doing this.) Really the only way to 100% avoid the issue is to not use that skill when enemies are near a wall. While we don't really have a line to Anet her on the wiki, I can add a bug notice to the skill page. Thanks for your feedback!--Rain Spell (talk) 22:29, 21 September 2017 (UTC)