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I honestly think this quest is bugged. Not bugged so that it cannot be completed. It is bugged to NEVER fail. Let me explain. The Legendary Weapon collection The Moot I: The Experimental Mace, requires that this quest and the one after it to fail in order to start the Giant Shark event for the Giant Shark Tooth trophy. However, after several hours gaurding the event from being completed by other players, I have yet to see the event fail... the krait in the event, after a certain point, stop taking quaggan captive and simply swim around doing nothing else. The preceding unsigned comment was added by Alexanderyount.7304 (talkcontribs).

Can confirm, I tried doing the event, but after kidnapping 3 quaggans the krait just stop doing anything. I pulled them onto the last quaggan, and they killed it, but it became invulnerable for a short while, got an icon above his head that it was captured, and the krait just ignored it again. Definitely seems bugged. Rumpo (talk) 09:34, 16 November 2015 (UTC)