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Hey there,

Even if you already seem to have one, I uploaded a custom banner for the release in case anybody wants to use it: File:2018-12_LWS4_Ep5_HomeBanner_WIKI.png

Let me know if you need anything else! Thanks everybody for your work on the wiki :) --Stephane Lo Presti talk 17:22, 19 December 2018 (UTC)

Hi Stéphane, thanks for the banner! But File:A Star to Guide Us banner.jpg is still missing the episode's name. Would it be possible to upload the version of this banner with text? FanklingAfreet (talk) 19:31, 19 December 2018 (UTC)

Infodump from the AMA on the forums[edit]

These are the threads that ArenaNet employees responded to that I felt had something at least mildly important in the answers. The thread closes on 1/18, and this edit is as of 1/16, 9:30pm PST. I refuse to edit it links at this time.

Cut content from episode- Question posed by Ayrilana.1396, response by Clayton Kisko -

Any notable content that was cut from the episode that you can share? How about anything you would have done differently had you had more time?
  • Originally there was a third meta where you and Jalis would fight off gravelings but this turned into the Catacomb puzzles.
  • Frodak was originally Kilroy but we didn't have access to the VO actor
  • Dragonbloods spears didn't always pierce!
  • The Wrathbringer was originally suppose to be in the final instance as well but he didn't play nice with the environment
  • In the final instance there was this elaborate hallway part where you would start interacting with the dwarven halls defense mechanisms to take out brand and wound Kralk
  • We originally had a concept that the Branded Djinn in the final instance would come back as a Death Branded Djinn but we just didn't have enough resources to get that model so we replaced with with Death Branded Centaurs.
  • We originally wanted to create a fun collection where the player could take "photos" of creatures and store them in their "index" :) One of Charlie E's pet projects.
  • Olaf and Elaf were originally the ones throwing artifacts around in the Priory Heart but narrative talked me off the edge and convinced me that it didn't make a lick of sense.
  • I originally pitched the idea of a collection where we wanted to find the rest of the pieces of Rhoban because we already found the thumb but it didn't really fit thematically and it really didn't make sense for his pieces to be here.
  • Caithe was originally suppose to be involved in the Keep meta but that would introduce major spoilers just from seeing her so we decided that we had to cut her from the open world.
Follow-up Response: (by Andrew Gray, who often writes funny responses)
Don't forget about the Logan/Canach/Rytlock love triangle subplot that was too beautiful for the world to experience.
(Kidding...or am I?)

Comments on Kralk - question by Zibbles.6349, response by Cameron Rich

Seeing as Kralkatorik was in the episode, were there any interesting decisions you had to make when designing the fight and its mechanics (I'd imagine it's kind of tough to represent a force of nature that could probably easily wipe out everyone)? Also, are there any insights you're allowed to give regarding Kralk's plans and motivations before/during the episode?
One thing we knew going into this episode was that we wanted to capture Kralkatorrik's Scale (size) as much as possible. He's one of the biggest creatures we've ever developed, so we went into early development with a big question:
How do you actually fight/damage something that large?
To answer that, we began with trying to come up with a plan that was fantastical, but somewhat practical. We thought about bringing the entire forge down on him, impaling him with dwarven stone spears called "Dragonkillers", or even shooting him in the head with a specialized, gigantic dwarven bolt gun that was powered by the forge's heat. As development continued, we realized that none of these really felt like you were killing the dragon.
This is where the concept of weak points came in. Inspired by games like Shadow of the Colossus and God of War, we wanted to give players a target to attack that would respond and react to the players' actions in such a way that you could visibly see the damage you were dealing to the dragon. Ron Harvey, Kralkatorrik's Animator, put together a quick prototype early on, which definitely helped us realize this was the way to go. One of our FX artists, Scott Allan, kitten up a really awesome rendition of the weak point object, and we collaborated on setting up damage states for different health thresholds, as well as a "hit" effect every time you struck the weak point.

Comments on Frodak - question by PsDh.2471, response by Clayton Kisko

Did you intend for Frodak Steelstar to appear from the start due to his ties with the Brotherhood of the Dragon, or was there another dwarf on the table (for instance Master Armorer Kor, Brechnar Ironhammer, High Priest Alkar, or KILROOOOOOOOY STONEKIIIIIIIIN)?
Frodak was originally Kilroy, actually. However, we didn't have his voice actor and so we chose Frodak and my gawd, his lines are some of my favorite in the entire episode. When we had the first pass of VO in for that character, the whole team had to stop reviewing content because we were just laughing so hard. It was great!

edit 1/19:

Followup question: (by Donari.5237)
This has resonance with the whole where-is-Zojia line of inquiry. Are you able to give us any info on that? Just a very general yes/no on whether it's due to Felicia Day's availability would settle a lot of forum quibbling. (More details would of course be appreciated).
You certainly have no problem attracting stellar VO talent, Frodak included, so if you needed a new Zojia VA I'm sure you could do it and even explain a voice change by her injuries affecting her vocal cords, as one forum person suggested.
Response: (by Clayton Kisko again)
I honestly don't have any information other than what is already out there. Day has expressed interest and said she would love to come back on twitter IIRC. I know she's really busy though. I wish I could be more helpful. I'm sorry :(

Comments on a lack of map events - question by michaeldowling.4652, response by Clayton Kisko

The new story was really awesome, the map art looks beautiful, and I'm looking forward to the diviner's stats!
Speaking of which - did ANET make a decision at some point regarding the design of this new map, specifically to de-prioritize PvE events and meta? I ask, because the new map is really, really, well - boring IMHO - with a lack of things to really do. Yes, yes, I know, there's some collections. But the lack of PvE dynamic events is very obvious.
Was that intentional? Did the team run out of time and have to prioritize? Any chance of additional content getting added to this map before E6?
We wanted to create a cycle for players in such a way that they focused on the metas when they were active, and in between them players had an opportunity to either explorer the area, get their chests from the dwarven tombs or participate in the events. We felt that the number of adventures, hearts, explorable areas, and events were plenty to do within the hour between metas.
  1. Wrangle a Hydra
  2. Help Sergei by collecting dredge weapons
  3. Take volatile materials to the forge
  4. Escort Pepperseed 1
  5. Defend the Zephyrites
  6. Escort Pepperseed 2
  7. Defeat the Death Branded Forgotten
  8. Defend the Skritt looking for Treasure
  9. Defend Deldrimor Ruins of the Mist Rift
  10. Take Back the Deldrimor Ruins
  11. Gather shinies for the love lorn skritt
  12. Help Rytlock, Logan, and Canach train Corsair soldiers
  13. Kill the Graveling
  14. Dredge Heart
  15. Priory Heart
  16. Zephyrite Heart
  17. Forge Heart
This also allowed us to put more effort and polish into the events we had. I think we could look at the broadcast radius of some of these and increase them slightly to give better visibility of them. It could be that players are missing them when they are kicked off. It is a huge map so I wouldn't be surprised.
Either way, it's great feedback that I personally appreciate!

Comment on new title ... of the Forge question by , response by Clayton Kisko

There is a collection for all exotic dragon blood weapons that gives the title "Journeyman of the Forge"
doing one of the small achievements you unlock after that give "Master of the Forge"
but there doesn't seem to be any collection for collecting all the ascended dragon blood weapons. I hope this is an oversight. The title should be called "Grandmaster of the Forge"
I love that you would be willing to chase that down! As others have mentioned however, we decided against this due to the fact that we thought gating a title and achievement behind something so large would be painful to players. :)

Comments on the Inquest dude in the last instance question by hugo.4705, response by Cameron Rich

MN-4C3 => MEN ACE = menace
Here is what I think, R3D-RCR isn't part of Inquest, like the inquest assistant at Rata Sum docks or within mount maelstrom "The stychs".
It's simply an under-cover whisper agent which has stolen Warehouse defense golem blueprints. Why?
-> We never saw awakened Inquest fighting along us, but the pact or orders yes. That way, I suspect that R3D-RCR used to give DERV plans to the pact.
Her golem MEN-4C3 is maybe a hint? What if it was the opposite, she is spying the pact for Inquest?
Omg! Just invert words!
Probably nothing...
Fun fact: We originally planned for multiple "Golem Pilots" in episode 2, but R3D-RCR was the only one that was made it into that episode. R3D returns in Episode 5 and we wanted to give some flavor to golem as well, so that's where the names come from. This is just a case of a fun recurring character moment, no hidden meanings :)

Comments on Kralkatorrik's weaknesses - question by PsDh.2471, response by Clayton Kisko

He was the very first Elder Dragon we would ever come to see in GW1 and his presence has been described in a book and is seen in-game. His size and appearance is terrifying. His powers seems endless.
Path of Fire (before LWS4) showed us the weakness of this great beast: the Dragonsblood Spear. We destroyed this, however research from Yasna of Kralkatite ore during LWS4 Episode 1 at the Astralarium hinted that confluence of astral energy (aka intense focused light) could purify the Kralkatite. Fast forward even further to LWS4 Episode 4 and we learn that the Djinns' have magic protection capable of resisting the Brand, something Ziya grants the Commander from arcane experiments on corrupted sand.
So we went from one sole weakness to Kralk and his Dragonbrand, to potentially three ways we can defeat him? Granted, the magic the djinn's wield is protection based, but I'm sure Taimi could find a way to turn that into a weapon. Especially if you combine it djinn's protective magic with the other two - intense focused light and dragonsblood weapons.
My question is, where does the destinction lie between the Brand and Kralk himself? The Brand is his corruption, but is it also a part of him? For instance, is the Brand also part of his thick hide, his internal structure, or does it extend beyond that and is far more vital for his survival?
We talked about this quite a bit when creating this episode. The weakness we've described in the past was that Kralk's "blood" is his own weakness but that also could mean his kin. The Brand are effectively extensions of himself and therefor their materials and him are one in the same. At least, the share the same frequency as described in Ep 5. This is what allows us to create weapons that Kralk is weak to.

Comment on the Zephyrite songs - question by hugo.4705, response by Clayton Kisko

That side-achievement implying that flute and harmonizing crystals is awesome, and I wonder, why not making it bigger like 10 songs to play and rewarding at final step the said flute? Just like that chair achievement but for that flute? It sounds great, the symbols apparitions add a touch of magic. A nice chilling moment within a map that is already cold. :D
Ya know what? That was originally the plan :) But as we got deeper and deeper with how the Zephyrites were going to use music to help in the fight, we realized we couldn't really do a full song, but we could do specific notes. Did you find the one Zephyrite's brother?

Comments on the metas - question by Darlgon.9273, response by Clayton Kisko

Can you explain the reasoning behind making players have to fight thru two Meta events to get the big daily chest for the zone?
When designing content we want to make sure we are moving players around the map and encouraging them to play the content. We knew we wanted to give rewards for each meta, but we wanted to give extra incentive for doing both. :)
Follow-up response: ( by Andrew Gray) (edited in 1/19)
We opted for inventory items specifically so you could do one meta one day and the second on another day, and save the plate for whenever you have time to do the puzzle room section. It allows you to complete the full cycle in a single day or three ~30 minute sessions spread out across multiple days. Both metas also have their own chest, event rewards and monster drops for that immediate reward, we just wanted you to be able to do the "chest run" when you had the time to devote to it since the "hunting" nature of it is a bit more time consuming than something like Auric Basin.

Comments on Ghostly Messenger ie Gwen from GW1 question by Lillian Wandom Hale.7102, response by Clayton Kisko

Why didn't you name her by her real name in stead of "ghostly messenger", will we be seeing her again <3 ?
This was Gwen :) but we didn't want to name her in fear that those not in the know would feel left out. Instead this was a nice Easter egg for anyone who caught it. Her meeting Logan would have been a nice touch but one that we didn't have enough bandwidth for. It's also an extra story beat that we would have to give time to and the episode was already packed with story beats. :)

Comments on lack of Kas and Jory - question by Ashantara.8731, response by Clayton Kisko

Am I the only one wondering about the absence of Kas and Jory in this historic fight? Where on Tyria are they??
Response: [after someone posts a link to the dialogue that Taimi has with Kas and Jory through the communicator in the Forge room]
Yep! Kas and Marjory have dialog with Taimi. They are essentially the evacuation crew going to areas that Kralk is attack from the mists. Now that the tracker is on Kralk, they can get a head a bit and help people out.

Comments on impact of the final instance - question by Donari.5237, response by Cameron Rich

Are you able to tell us how massive the death toll is from the Forge area getting melted at the end? We had a lot of coalition forces there. Just as knowing that LA had a population of 40K people and only 5K survived the invasion, fires, and miasma fueled deeply immersive rp for years, it would be great to know how big a disaster this is from the point of view of the survivors. Dozens, hundreds, thousands dead in canon?
As to exactly how many, I can't say... It's quite a loss. If you watch the last platform during Kralk's attack, you may see a number of friendly characters that... unfortunately... do not appear after the blast. This was definitely a failure that resulted in the loss of many people's lives.

Comments on Awakened Olmakhan - question by [User:Konig Des Todes|Konig Des Todes.2086], response by Cameron Rich

So last episode we saw that an Awakened Inquest was still around in Jahai, his mind altered enough while Awakened to be (very momentarily) mourning Joko's death with other grieving awakened, showing that they've at least partially begun integrating into Elonian society. This episode we saw a contingent of Awakened Sylvari who were off-screen during episode 3 and are seemingly being welcomed back with open arms by the sylvari, given the Commander sylvari's unhesitant response.
But what about the Awakened Olmakhan that were featured on the eastern portion of the map? Were they executed? Did their family welcome them back?
It depends on the families views. If someone you knew and loved rose from the grave and asked to be let back into your life, would you? What if they had been part of an army of zombies that ate people's brains, but suddenly they broke free of that?

Comment on lack of races and griffon adventures - question by zealez.9410, response by Clayton Kisko

Verticallity was def a selling point of this update and im certain theres somewhere an article mentioning how griffon friendly this map is.
You can imagine my surprise and dissapointment when i learned theres no griffon adcenture on the map. The combo seems so perfect, it feel like u didnt put one in on purpose.
I'm glad you asked that! We felt that tonely it didn't make much sense to have things like races or griffon adventures. The map was really focused on the supply lines and the war between Kralk and the Pact. By removing races off our plates, we were able to make more content that better fit the theme of the map. For example, Sergei's adventure.
We did try to put other fun things for mounts to do in the map like the Underworld's Angels achievement and the various explorable areas that a Griffon can get to.

Comments on party and story achieves - question by courin.2314, response by Cameron Rich

Given that GW2 is a MMORPG (where one of those "M" stands for "multiplayer"), it frustrates me no end how often achievements aren't possible when playing in a party, without having to do multiple run throughs.
For example, if you are playing in a party, only the instance owner can 'earn' the achievements "Crystal Circuit Racer", "Stubborn" (and I have heard "Electrophobia" but I've not personally confirmed that one) in "The Crystal Dragon". So, if you like playing as part of a group (in my case, a group of 3 as it's me, hubby and kiddo most often), we have to do the same story 3 times for everyone to get the achievement. It's very immersion breaking, and it seems needlessly gated.
I'd love to know for sure if it's intended this way, and if so, why? From my perspective, it's punishing to those who play the game with friends, and I just don't see the logic in it. However, if there's a good reason for it, I'd be happy to hear the arguments 'for' this design decision. Though it would be really nice to have it noted in the achievement itself (i.e. something that says "If playing in a group, only the instance owner can earn this achievement") so that it's KNOWN that this is the way it's intended and people don't get frustrated by a false expectation.
On the other hand.. if this is a bug.. plox fix?
This was unintended and we have a fix coming soon™. Individual players should be able to earn achievements even when partied together, as long as it makes sense in the context of the achievement.
For example, Electrophobia is a personal responsibility achievement, and should be awarded to individual players based on whether or not they completed their individual responsibilities (in this case, not getting hit by lightning). Stubborn, on the other hand, asks that you complete the instance without using any of the helpful buffs, so either the whole group participates and earns the achievement, or no one does (we made this a choice of the instance owner in the conversationdef, but you get the idea.)

Comments on writing process - question by Svennis.3852, responses by Lily Yu

I was curious if you can offer insight into the story writing process. You tend to rotate the cast out every few episodes, but how exactly do you choose which characters to focus on and why? Is it simply a matter of "we haven't seen x, y, and z for a while, so we'll bring them back in for a bit!" Or is it more related to fan popularity and plot necessity?
Do you have any sort of "word budget?" I have heard from other game writers that there's a maximum number of words they get for the whole game, and so all the dialogue they write for the world/story has to fall below that number. Do you have a similar system, or likewise a certain number "main characters" per episode?
We have a per-episode budget that means both line limits for voice acting and a limit on the number of actors (and which actors) we can bring in. Character choice is first determined by which characters we think will best serve story goals, including balancing who we haven't seen in a while and those with unfinished arcs, and then adjusted to fit budget. Sometimes an actor's schedule can't accommodate us, and we'll have to rewrite the scripts without that character. Hopefully, in those situations, you can't tell. We also have wordcount for unvoiced text. If you can imagine a fragile, extremely complicated Rube Goldberg machine, that's pretty close. And Eve's wizardry is what keeps it all working smoothly.
Followup question (by Konig Des Todes.2086):
I can understand the limitations on voicing side of things, but why is there a word count limitation?
Response: (also from Lily Yu)
The Editing, Localization, and QA teams are downstream from us, and every word we write goes through them. Wordcount budgets ideally keep them from working overtime, weekends, and holidays.

AnastashaRomanov (talk) 05:45, 17 January 2019 (UTC)

Hello friends I am here to bombard you with the rest of the stuff since it has completed now. Comments on the lack of bounty boards - question by Blaeys.3102, response by Andrew Gray

One thing that is missing from the new map is a bounty board, making it the first new map since POF launched to not include one.
Were they cut because of time/deadlines - or did Arenanet decide to stop doing them - or did someone just feel they didnt fit with the new map?
I am enjoying the new content - and the new map - tremendously, but LOVE doing bounties with my guild and was looking forward to doing them on a new map this weekend. Just curious about the reasoning behind the omission.
Similar to why we avoided races and certain types of adventures, it felt thematically inappropriate to go off on one-off monster hunts when the focus of the episode/map are very "make these spears ASAP" oriented. Bounty Boards are also ran by the Order of Shadows in Elona, who don't have a presence in the Shiverpeaks.
That is not to say we will never add bounty bosses again, we just try to be mindful about what types of content are appropriate for the region/story of a map.
Follow-up comment: (by Darlgon.9273)
Yeah. I was actually surprised to see the masteries tied to PoF, with this being more core Tyria. But, I guess its kinda like Lake Doric.
Response: (by Clayton Kisko)
This is spot on! Twas a fun day in the office looking into the code to make this happen. There are a handful of checkboxes and links that you have to do when an episode like this is released that designers don't normally have to do. :)

Comments on Branded creatures - question by Konig Des Todes.2086, response by Andrew Gray (personal note: this thread is great and has tons of lore questions and musings in it)

Before being corrupted by Kralkatorrik, what were the Riftcrawlers, Riftstalkers, and Wrathbringer? Karka and a bristleback? Demons from the Mists? Created from scratch? Or something else?
Riftstalkers were an extra-tyrian race that Kralkatorrik found and enslaved within the mists. The Bristleback is a hand-forged lieutenant (Like The Shatterer or Glint) rather than a corrupted creature. Kralk must have gotten tired of the Shatterer getting shot out of the sky and decided to go with something terrestrial for a change.
Follow-up question: (also by Konig)
I... expected all of that... except the bold [Glint]. I highly request clarification: Was made or was she born?
There is plenty of suggestion that she was born (won't bother listing it all) and that has been the largely believed, well, belief for years, so this would be a huge lore bomb and I'd rather not have it misunderstood due to unintended wordplay or the like.
Her being born led to various questions, such as who was the mother (and who is Vlast/Aurene's father), or are dragons asexual... but if Glint was made, as in crafted and given life, that's another set of questions there...
Response: (also by Andrew Gray)
Sorry, I simply meant that it was not a corrupted creature. Not getting into the weeds on dragon reproduction this early in the morning. :p

Comments on Glint's Trials - question by Konig Des Todes.2086, response by John Jarynowski

Was Glint actively communicating to us in "real time" (aka as a spirit), or was what we heard mere recordings made before her death?
Follow-up: (also by Konig)
If she was elsewhere fighting Kralkatorrik, why not use a communicator. If Glint had a communicator, why not take the form of crystals.
Here's the thing: I thought that they were recordings from before Glint's death, but 1) Glint knew the Dragonsblood Spear was destroyed, 2) she called Kralkatorrik's minions "Branded" which is a name made by the charr after the Dragonbrand, which they named such after Kralkatorrik flew through Ascalon.
She made two comments that were only possible postmortem. Hence, my question.
Thanks for the wonderful input and curiosities, all! We consider this portion of Glint’s Lair to be a “reactive” space—updating its knowledge and responses based on the Lair’s occupants. A bit like an intelligent, magic-driven A.I. that adjusts the space and details to fit its visitors. If Vlast made it here, the elements of the lair would have been presented differently. How so? Well, that’s another mystery….
Regardless—Glint is busy in the Mists, so she’s not really up for house calls right now!

Comments on dragon corruption - question by hugo.4705, response by Andrew Gray (personal note: another good thread!)

That map is special, we are at a limit where jormag minions, primordius and branded could "cohabit".

Indeed: Destroyers in Mount maelstrom and Icebroods in Snowen drifts. (Branded where we are, Thunderhead peaks) :)

I noticed something when travelling through maps recently: Does an elder dragon avoid to corrupt minions already corrupted by another dragon? They are 0 map since the beginning where you can meet two types of draconic minions! And if it was the case, would they fight together? I don't think so but maybe? :p
But here is where I arrive: They are 0 branded asuras or sylvaris. Why? They are located on mordremoth domain. Whereas we can find risen asuras due to the pact presence in Orr. But then, who is corrupted by primordius? We never saw fire-asuras... oh wait.. asuras turn into destroyers when corrupted? That's strange. Argh it's easier with kralkatorrik! So now, asuras and sylvaris have more chances to become branded... ;o
Dragon Minions cannot be corrupted by other dragons. That's why the Sylvari are immune to Zhaitan's magic in Orr. At the time they just thought they were special or something, but by Season 2 it's revealed to be because they were already technically minions of Mordremoth. Dragon's Watch (and mortals in general) have very little insight into the dragons' motivations or thought process to deduce why they tend to not overlap. (Though as a side note, if I recall correctly, when Mordremoth got all riled up he did mess up some waypoints in maps that other minions exist in.)
Destroyers are forged by Primordus rather than being existing creatures that are corrupted. Some are forged in shapes of existing creatures, but they are hand-made by Primordus. He is a special snowflake (a giant, lava snowflake) in that regard.
later in the thread, users come up with instances of multiple dragon corruptions on creatures, so it's possible, but the dragons haven't done it themselves. eg: the Inquest experiments, Subject Alpha and Subject Beta, and Kudu's Monster

Comments on ___-o-tron - question by eduardo.1436, response by Andrew Gray

Inconsequential question with everything else that went down this episode I know.......but I was so happy to see Job-o-tron/Hobo-tron/Hero-tron again last episode and had small hopes that he too would join us in the assault along with Almorra. Almora is obviously present, the two awakened Troopmarshals with the Junundu wurms are there too, the corsairs, pretty much everyone who helped take down the death branded shatterer appears, except Bait-o-Tron. Did the devs forgot? Or is the golem somewhere else/went back to LA?
With a resume as robust as his, I doubt that will be the last we see of him. ;)

Comments on Canach and Dragon's Watch - question by foozlesprite.8051, response by Andrew Gray

Back in Season 3 we hear Canach turn down a place in the guild (Episode 4, the "Confessor's End" instance):
Commander: Dragon's Watch in your future?
Canach: Regretfully...I've been under someone's yoke for too long. It's high time I walk as my own sylvari for a while.
Commander: Well, being in the guild doesn't mean...but, I understand. Thanks for everything, Canach. You've been a good friend.
Canach: Oh, don't start weeping about it. I'm sure our paths will cross again.
However, it seems like he's as likely to be with us as some of our already-official members lately - especially in this episode, where he's in charge of running a tournament, participates in a meta event, is in several story instances, and plays a rather large role at the end.
Did he ever officially join Dragon's Watch, and if so, did it have any real implications for him?
Canach's relationship status with Dragon's Watch is "It's complicated."
Maybe that time shackled in a cell has him afraid of being tied down.

Comments on Sylvari Awakening - question by perilisk.1874, response by Clayton Kisko

Does that mean Branded can be awakened? And if so, how would you tell an Awakened Branded human apart from a Branded Awakened human? And could an Awakened Branded human be Branded?
To my knowledge the Awakened process is more of a ritual for a select few. IMO, I don't think the awakened would want to "Awaken" a dead Branded creature.

Okay, that's the entirety of every thread that has an anet response that included anything interesting (ie: I left out the threads where they just say thanks). From here on, I'll look to add links to this wall of text and add this information to the appropriate pages.