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Stealth (Paint Event)

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Effect type
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Currently invisible. Temporarily removed while interacting with the world. Ends if you become detected.

— In-game description

Stealth is essential if you want to be able to deface Joko's monument and avoid the ire of his guards.



  • While this effect is active is active, you can stand within enemy detection zones without being noticed.
  • You have a few extra seconds of stealth after you start your interaction with a Paint Symbol Site before it is removed. For some Paint Symbol Sites, you will need to time your interaction so that the nearby guard looks away during these few seconds.
  • If you are detected, you will have stealth and Paint Supply stripped from you; you will also be immobilized and thrown off the monument.
  • Stealth will prevent you from mounting, but is not removed when gliding.
  • Has infinite duration but will be removed when the event ends.