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Vabbi Paint Effect.jpg
Invisibility effect granted after interacting with the paint buckets.

Paint event Vabbi.jpg
Event Location involving paint.

The Paint bucket gives the charges and invisibility effect required to paint over several symbol sites on the Great Palawa Joko Monument. It is located beneath the staircase leading to the academy bridge between Headmaster's Office and the monument, near a cadet‎ organizing the event.


Crystal Desert

Event involvement[edit]

Event hand (map icon).png Avoid detection and help cadets paint the great Palawa Joko monument (80)


  • The paint bucket gives you 5 charges of the Paint Supply effect for the event, as does talking to the cadet nearby.
  • The paint bucket will also grant a special stealth effect.
  • When interacting with a Paint Symbol Site, invisibility will wear off one second before finishing. The character will automatically reapply invisibility once finished with interaction.
  • While under the effects of Paint Supply, mounts are disabled, but gliding is still available.