Spirit Axe

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Spirit Axe

Effect type
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You wield the power of the spirit axe.

— In-game description

This effect is granted by obtaining the Spirit Axe from Eir Stegalkin in The Last of the Giant-Kings, or by obtaining the Mortus Virge from Scholar Josir during The Queen's Justice.


Skills during The Last of the Giant-Kings:

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
Vapor Blade.png
 Wind Shear
0.25¼ Swing your axe and launch a flying blade of wind at your foe.
Griffon Strike.png
 Griffon Strike
0.5½ 5 Dart forward, strike your foe with a crippling blast of lightning, and then retreat.
Invoke Lightning.png
 Eye of the Storm
0.75¾ 10 Fling bolts of lightning and thrash foes around you in a spinning frenzy.
Path of Scars.png
 Thundering Throw
0.5½ 20 Throw a returning axe wreathed in lightning. Any targets the axe hits are struck by lightning.
Fire Attunement.png
 Pack Hunter
0.75¾ 120 Summon Windshear's Brood.

Skills during The Queen's Justice:

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
 Essence Bolt
10.5½ 0 Draw upon your lifeforce to launch a bolt that causes massive damage to undead.
Life Siphon.png
 Drain Life
30.5½ 5 Siphon health from your foe.
Judge's Intervention.png
 Blinding Flash
0.75¾ 3 Teleport to your foe and blind them by expending your life force.
Zealot's Defense.png
 Life Storm
0.5½ 2 Hurl a flurry of essence bolts at your target, expending a great deal of life.
Arcane Shield.png
 Arcane Shield
8 Shield yourself from the undead by expending life force.


  • During The Last of the Giant-Kings, clones will spawn with this weapon equipped, and access to all of its skills. They will usually start with Thundering Throw if summoned at a distance and Griffon Strike if they are summoned near the enemy.
This effect is still called "Spirit Axe" during The Queen's Justice despite the user wielding a scepter and the device itself being called "Mortus Virge"
The bonuses from the main weapon, which has been equipped before obtaining the Spirit Axe, increase the power of its weapon-related skills, as well as other stats including Health, despite the fact that main weapon looks replaced and weapon swapping is disabled. However, if you unequip the main weapon on the Hero panel, it cannot be equipped back and bonuses will be lost.