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Scroll (Commander without a Cause)

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Scroll (Commander without a Cause)

Scroll is found during the night incursion into the sketchy camp in Gendarran Fields during Commander without a Cause chapter of the Secrets of the Obscure story.

Story involvement[edit]

Secrets of the Obscure story[edit]


Orders from the Warden

Astral Ward,

The time we have feared for generations has arrived. The day has come to fulfill the noble purpose for which our benefactors have assembled and trained us. You are the bulwark against the menace of our enemy. Your bravery—and if necessary, your sacrifice—may not be recorded in the history of our world, but know that your siblings in the Astral Ward and the honored rulers of the court will hold your actions in the highest regard.

Outrider Arina will see you to the glory of our victory against the enemy. Trust in her, for she has the trust of the court. Hold the line, hunter!

The Warden, Frode