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Salvation Pass armor

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Salvation Pass armor is a partial ascended armor set that is available from the boss encounters in Salvation Pass.

Each set component has a selection of stats based on the armor's prefix (Assaulter's, Defender's, Healer's, and Malicious).

The skins for this set are identical to baseline ascended armor.



Type Heavy Medium Light
Gloves Illustrious Warfists.png Assaulter's Sloth-Skin Gauntlets Illustrious Grips.png Assaulter's Sloth-Skin Gloves Illustrious Wristguards.png Assaulter's Sloth-Skin Handwraps
Shoulders Illustrious Pauldrons.png Assaulter's White Mantle Spaulders Illustrious Shoulderguard.png Assaulter's White Mantle Amice Illustrious Epaulets.png Assaulter's White Mantle Shoulders
Gloves Illustrious Warfists.png Defender's Sloth-Skin Gauntlets Illustrious Grips.png Defender's Sloth-Skin Gloves Illustrious Wristguards.png Defender's Sloth-Skin Handwraps
Shoulders Illustrious Pauldrons.png Defender's White Mantle Spaulders Illustrious Shoulderguard.png Defender's White Mantle Amice Illustrious Epaulets.png Defender's White Mantle Shoulders
Gloves Illustrious Warfists.png Healer's Sloth-Skin Gauntlets Illustrious Grips.png Healer's Sloth-Skin Gloves Illustrious Wristguards.png Healer's Sloth-Skin Handwraps
Shoulders Illustrious Pauldrons.png Healer's White Mantle Spaulders Illustrious Shoulderguard.png Healer's White Mantle Amice Illustrious Epaulets.png Healer's White Mantle Shoulders
Gloves Illustrious Warfists.png Malicious Sloth-Skin Gauntlets Illustrious Grips.png Malicious Sloth-Skin Gloves Illustrious Wristguards.png Malicious Sloth-Skin Handwraps
Shoulders Illustrious Pauldrons.png Malicious White Mantle Spaulders Illustrious Shoulderguard.png Malicious White Mantle Amice Illustrious Epaulets.png Malicious White Mantle Shoulders