Mini Griffon Hatchling Collection

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Mini Griffon Hatchling Collection is a Black Lion Collections achievement.


This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Mini Griffon Hatchling Collection Black Lion Collections 10Achievement points
Unlock all griffon hatchling miniatures in your wardrobe.
Reward:Large Achievement Chest.png Mini Griffon Hatchling Reward Chest
Unlocked 1 Griffon Hatchling 1Achievement points
Unlocked 5 Griffon Hatchlings 3Achievement points
Unlocked 10 Griffon Hatchlings 6Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Mini Griffon Hatchling Recipe Chart

Trading Post values[edit]

Miniature TP buy price TP sell price
Mini Red Griffon Hatchling.png Mini Red Griffon Hatchling
Mini Blue Griffon Hatchling.png Mini Blue Griffon Hatchling
Mini Yellow Griffon Hatchling.png Mini Yellow Griffon Hatchling
Mini Green Griffon Hatchling.png Mini Green Griffon Hatchling
Mini White Griffon Hatchling.png Mini White Griffon Hatchling
Mini Black Griffon Hatchling.png Mini Black Griffon Hatchling
Mini Silver Griffon Hatchling.png Mini Silver Griffon Hatchling
Mini Gold Griffon Hatchling.png Mini Gold Griffon Hatchling
Mini Nova Griffon Hatchling.png Mini Nova Griffon Hatchling
Mini Fire Griffon Hatchling.png Mini Fire Griffon Hatchling


  • To complete the entire collection by crafting in the Mystic Forge, you will need 222 Mini Red Griffon Hatchlings and 432 Unidentified Dyes, it would cost a total of
    (trading post buy price).
  • Per color process (to unlock all of the minis): 222 red → 58 blue → 20 yellow & 9 green → 7 white & 4 black → 4 silver & 2 gold → 1 nova & 1 fire


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