New Year's Gift

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New Year's Gift

Effect type
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+10% Magic Find
+5% Bonus Experience from Kills
Stacks Duration up to 2 Hours.

— In-game description

New Year's Gift is an effect granted by various Lucky fireworks introduced in the Lunar New Year festival.


  • The effect is granted by the following items:
Item TP buy price TP sell price Duration per firework
Lucky Draketail.png Lucky Draketail 15m
Lucky Guild Firework.png Lucky Guild Firework 15m
Lucky New Year Firework.png Lucky New Year Firework 15m
Lucky Prismatic Rocket.png Lucky Prismatic Rocket 15m
Visage of the Great Monkey Firework.png Visage of the Great Monkey Firework 10m
Visage of the Great Ram Firework.png Visage of the Great Ram Firework 10m
Visage of the Great Rat Fireworks.png Visage of the Great Rat Fireworks 10m
Visage of the Great Rooster Firework.png Visage of the Great Rooster Firework 10m
Visage of the Great Dog Firework.png Visage of the Great Dog Firework 10m
Visage of the Great Boar Firework.png Visage of the Great Boar Firework 10m
Visage of the Great Tiger Fireworks.png Visage of the Great Tiger Fireworks 10m


  • The name of this effect previously changed based on what the lunar animal for that year was. For example, in 2016, year of the Monkey, it was called Monkey's Gift; in 2017 it became Rooster's Gift for the year of the Rooster. In 2018, it was Dog's Gift. In 2019, the name was changed to New Year's Gift for consistency.