Keeper's armor

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Keeper's armor is an Illustrious armor set.

All armor pieces in this set are created from a  Keeper's Zealot Insignia.png Keeper's Zealot Insignia and therefore have Zealot's stats.


Current methods
Methods using discontinued items


Type Light Medium Heavy
Helm Illustrious Masque.png Keeper's Masque Illustrious Visage.png Keeper's Visage Illustrious Visor.png Keeper's Visor
Shoulders Illustrious Epaulets.png Keeper's Epaulets Illustrious Shoulderguard.png Keeper's Shoulderguard Illustrious Pauldrons.png Keeper's Pauldrons
Coat Illustrious Doublet.png Keeper's Doublet Illustrious Guise.png Keeper's Guise Illustrious Breastplate.png Keeper's Breastplate
Gloves Illustrious Wristguards.png Keeper's Wristguards Illustrious Grips.png Keeper's Grips Illustrious Warfists.png Keeper's Warfists
Leggings Illustrious Breeches.png Keeper's Breeches Illustrious Leggings.png Keeper's Leggings Illustrious Tassets.png Keeper's Tassets
Boots Illustrious Footwear.png Keeper's Footwear Illustrious Striders.png Keeper's Striders Illustrious Greaves.png Keeper's Greaves
Aquatic helm Ascended apparatus.png Keeper's Cloth Breather Ascended apparatus.png Keeper's Leather Breather Ascended apparatus.png Keeper's Metal Breather