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Help the emboldened refugees reach the oasis settlement

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Help the emboldened refugees reach the oasis settlement

Interactive map

Interactive map

Help the emboldened refugees reach the oasis settlement is a level 80 event that starts in Destiny's Gorge and goes to Kusini Crossing.


  • Refugees Alive: x
  • Push through the roadblock!
  • Enraged Iboga
  • Event bar.jpg Event swords (tango icon).png
  • Stalking Hydra remaining: x





Before event
Desperate Refugee: I've head enough of being pent up like this Haven't you?
Desperate Refugee: If you want a fighting chance at escape, listen to me!
Desperate Refugee: We can't just stay here waiting to be picked off by the Forged, one by one.
Refuge: What would you have us do?
Desperate Refugee: I say we push through their roadblock and fight our way to Amnoon.
Refugee: We're no match for them. We'd be fighting with pots and pans.
Desperate Refugee: Anything can be a weapon.
Desperate Refugee: We can do this. Let's go.
Before making it through the roadblock
Bold Refugee: We can make it!
Bold Refugee: We can push through!
Bold Refugee Leader: Charge!
Bold Refugee Leader: We're almost through. Keep pushing!
After making it through the roadblock
Bold Refugee Leader: We're through. Don't stop!
Bold Refugee Leader: Watch yourselves—there are ibogas lurking around here. The little ones are more dangerous than they look, too.
Bold Refugee Leader: I can see the tents of the settlement. We're almost there!
Bold Refugee Leader: We can't let some hydra stop us now.
Bold Refugee Leader: Don't back down! We made it past Balthazar's troops. We can make it past this beast.
Bold Refugee Leader: See? We got through it, and I'm only slightly singed...