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Rejected policy proposal

This page is a suspended policy proposal. It has been superseded by a list of common wiki practices.

The Guild Wars 2 Wiki has no policies. All former proposals are kept for historical preservation.

New proposal AdminProposalDraft4

Guild Wars 2 Wiki is administered by the community. New administrators are selected by a democratic process in the Guild Wars 2 Wiki. There are two levels of adminship: sysop and bureaucrat.

Administration and ArenaNet[edit]

ArenaNet is not formally involved in the administrator selection process. Community decisions may not be appealed to them. ArenaNet staff may participate in the administrator selection process just as any other contributor in good standing, but their opinions are given equal weight as other members of the community.



Sysops are administrators who perform cleanup tasks (deleting pages, undoing page move vandalism), can block accounts and IP addresses according to the rules of the Guild Wars 2 Wiki policy as well as a more general Administrative role of attempting to ensure a high level of professionalism on the Wiki while also keeping the Wiki as user-friendly as possible. Sysops also protect critical or unusually contentious pages from editing. Sysops, once promoted, are considered completely autonomous and may thusly utilize their powers as they see fit provided they fall within scope of existing policy. While this may seem dangerous, several established wikis such as Guildwiki and Wikipedia are a testament to the effectiveness of this system. Sysops are expected (but not required) to provide a publicly reachable e-mail address or other means of private contact.

Sysops are selected by a review process based on nominations. New nominations may be made by any contributor in good standing, and nominators may nominate any contributor in good standing, including themselves. The nomination is reviewed for a fixed period of time, after which a bureaucrat will assess the community consensus and appoint the nominee if the consensus is in favor.

Sysops are appointed for life, but may voluntarily resign. Their status may also be formally examined by the bureaucrats.

To start a new nomination, see Guild Wars 2 Wiki:Requests for adminship.



Bureaucrats are simply sysops with the added responsibility of appointing user rights as appropriate. As such, they are capable of promoting any other user to sysop, bureaucrat, or bot1, or removing the same rights.

For a system-generated list of sysops, see Special:Listadmins/sysop.

1Bot status is used to allow a user-created program to be run (traditionally on a second account) and edit large numbers of pages in a short span of time. It is possible to remove these edits from the list of Recent Changes.