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Fallen Pact Soldier

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Fallen Pact Soldier

Fallen Pact Soldier.jpg

Spirit Vale
(Forsaken Thicket)
Other images

Closure map.jpg
Map for each fallen pact soldier

Ten bodies of fallen pact soldiers are scattered around Spirit Vale. Interacting with them for the first time allows you to collect the soldier's tags for the achievement Closure.


Heart of Maguuma


[verification requested] Note: the bodies of the fallen soldiers are ordered as you encounter them from the entrance of the raid wing to the area just beyond the Abandoned Outpost. Their description is the hint the fallen soldier is associated with for the Closure achievement.

Under the windswept trees.
Among the grass.
Near the fallen tree.
In the shade
<Character name>: Crushed... Did a storm blow these trees down?


<Character name>: Crushed. What a way to go. I wonder what knocked these trees down? A storm?
This soldier was killed before he could draw his weapon.
Talk more option tango.png Check his pockets.
There are several rough sketches on a piece of paper. They appear to resemble pylons or obelisks.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.
Talk end option tango.png Walk away.
Killed by guardians.
Backed into a corner.
Resisted his captors.
Went down fighting.
Broke his leg.
Prior to collecting a soldier's tags
Another casualty of war. A Pact soldier tag lies on the ground nearby.
Talk more option tango.png Collect Soldier tag.
Subsequent interactions after you have collected a soldier's tags
I've already collected this soldier's tags. The Pact will see that proper rites are performed.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.