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A dowel is a type of refined crafting material, obtained by refining planks at a crafting station. A dowel may be either Standard or Plated, depending on the materials used and level of the crafter. Both tiers are used to create inscriptions.


The generic recipe for making standard dowels is:

1 Dowel = 1 plank

The generic recipe for making plated dowels is:

1 Plated Dowel = 2 plank + 3 ingots

Standard Dowels[edit]

Dowel produced Skill Level to refine Plank
Green Wood Dowel.png Green Wood Dowel - 1  Green Wood Plank.png Green Wood Plank
Soft Wood Dowel.png Soft Wood Dowel 75 1  Soft Wood Plank.png Soft Wood Plank
Seasoned Wood Dowel.png Seasoned Wood Dowel 150 1  Seasoned Wood Plank.png Seasoned Wood Plank
Hard Wood Dowel.png Hard Wood Dowel 225 1  Hard Wood Plank.png Hard Wood Plank
Elder Wood Dowel.png Elder Wood Dowel 300 1  Elder Wood Plank.png Elder Wood Plank

Plated Dowels[edit]

Dowel produced Skill Level to refine Plank Ingot
Bronze Plated Dowel.png Bronze Plated Dowel 50 2  Green Wood Plank.png Green Wood Plank 3  Bronze Ingot.png Bronze Ingot
Iron Plated Dowel.png Iron Plated Dowel 125 2  Soft Wood Plank.png Soft Wood Plank 3  Iron Ingot.png Iron Ingot
Steel Plated Dowel.png Steel Plated Dowel 200 2  Seasoned Wood Plank.png Seasoned Wood Plank 3  Steel Ingot.png Steel Ingot
Darksteel Plated Dowel.png Darksteel Plated Dowel 275 2  Hard Wood Plank.png Hard Wood Plank 3  Darksteel Ingot.png Darksteel Ingot
Mithril Plated Dowel.png Mithril Plated Dowel 350 2  Elder Wood Plank.png Elder Wood Plank 3  Mithril Ingot.png Mithril Ingot
Orichalcum Plated Dowel.png Orichalcum Plated Dowel 400 2  Ancient Wood Plank.png Ancient Wood Plank 3  Orichalcum Ingot.png Orichalcum Ingot