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Demonstrate your painting prowess

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Demonstrate your painting prowess

Demonstrate your painting prowess is a level 80 event in Training Grounds.


  • Execute 5 perfect paint strokes to earn additional time.



  • You need to keep pressing  Painterly Stroke.png Painterly Stroke in a row for a high score.
  • Painterly Stroke.png Painterly Stroke will take a random slot.
  • Every five consecutive Perfect Strokes will add time for you.
  • 2% renown heart progress for every five perfect lines, with an additional 1% for every additional five perfect lines.



When executing consecutive perfect paint strokes
One of the following:
Trainer Yamigi: Your linework is passable.
Trainer Yamigi: Well, try as I might, I can't find any fault with that.
Apprentice Roni: Whoa! That's so good!
When consecutively missing paint strokes
One of the following:
Trainer Yamigi: Focus. Steady your hand.
Trainer Yamigi: That's certainly a unique interpretation of the word "line".
Apprentice Roni: (snort) I can do better than that!
Trainer Yamigi: Shush. Focus.