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Defeat Lohrashi the Mournful

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Defeat Lohrashi the Mournful

Interactive map

Interactive map

Defeat Lohrashi the Mournful is a level 80 hero challenge event that occurs in Vulture Drifts.


  • Lohrashi the Mournful
    Event bar.jpgEvent fist (tango icon).png
  • Time limit: 10:00




As the fight starts
Lohrashi the Mournful: If you seek Ascension, you will only find death.
During the fight
Lohrashi the Mournful: Prove yourself worthy of the answers you seek.
Lohrashi the Mournful: I've not felt this alive since the Battle of Jahai.
After the fight
Lohrashi the Mournful: We came seeking oneness with the gods, but found only death. Do not let our sacrifices be in vain.


  • Lohrashi hits much harder than most of the other hero challenges within the Crystal Desert. Be sure to avoid his Firestorm AoE.