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The community open house, or Guild Wars 2 fan-day, was an event which took place in 2011 on the 23rd and 24th of June, during which a select group of the press, as well as 16 members of the Guild Wars 2 fan community were invited to visit ArenaNet's headquarters in Seattle, Washington. The press visited on the 23rd, while the invited fans did so on the 24th. The latter group included the two grand-prize winners of the Guild Wars 2 ambassador video contest (and their guests), and fans from various fansites: Guild Wars 2 Guru, TalkTyria, GuildMag, KillTenRats, OnlineWelten, IncGamers, Wartower, Univers Virtuel, Luna Atra, GuildCast and the official Guild Wars/Guild Wars 2 wikis;[1] users Poke and Tanetris represented the wikis.

These fans were given a tour around ArenaNet's new headquarters, played a (new) Guild Wars 2 demo, and previewed Winds of Change (an upcoming Guild Wars content patch).


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