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The following command line arguments are found in the client, but do not produce a verifiable effect. Some worked at one time, but were later removed from the game (usually without explanation).

Deprecated arguments[edit]


Used to display the installer dialog.

-assetsrv <string>[edit]

Used to specify the IP-address or DNS-name to use for downloading assets.
It is still possible to force the use of a specific assetsrv or authsrv by creating a hosts file entry, or a custom DNS record.
Disabled on 2020-02-25 for unknown reasons.

-audio <string>[edit]

Unknown effects.

-cinema <string>[edit]

Unknown effects.

-combatlog <string>[edit]

Unknown effects.


Copies all the files in the current dat file to a new dat file.


Allows the game to offload some processing through the use of NVIDIA CUDA. CUDA does not appear to do anything noticeable, but CUDA is used in programming the GPU architecture of a Nvidia graphics processing unit.

-defaultcharname <string>[edit]

String will be entered as the name during character creation.

-defaultLang <string>[edit]

Specified the default language the client will use.

-email <string>[edit]

Used in conjunction with -password and -nopatchui to skip patching and login to the specified account directly.
note: does NOT change email address in Patcher-login screen. Thus it cannot be used WITHOUT -nopatchui.

Disabled as part of the January 22, 2019 update due security reasons.[1]


Forces use of Direct3D 11 renderer, ignoring the in game setting.
Deprecated on 2023-07-18 [2]


Forces use of Direct3D 9 renderer, ignoring the in game setting.
Deprecated on 2023-07-18 [2]


Enables the Direct3D 9 renderer in single-threaded mode.
  • This improves performance while running under Wine in most cases. For users using dxvk (a DirectX-to-Vulkan translation layer), it may reduce performance.
Deprecated on 2023-07-18 [2]


Unknown effects.


Closes launcher or game client immediately after starting it.

-filesrv <string>[edit]

Once used to specify the file server.


used by GW when re-starting gw2.exe after using the "Log Out" button on the character select screen.
Unknown effects.

-lang <string>[edit]

Unknown effects.


Specified the location of the local data file.
performs the same function as -dat, does NOT specify the local.dat under My Documents\Guild Wars 2

-map <string>[edit]

Unknown effects.


to run 2+ accounts at the same time. Non Functional -July 28,2013


Prevented the game from patching on launch (the launcher can get stuck at 0% during checking for updates however).


Hides the user interface during the update process.
  • This command must be used in conjunction with the -email and -password arguments to function, or it will result in a black screen.
"<...>\Guild Wars 2\Gw2.exe" -email -password 12345 -nopatchui
Note If your password includes spaces, it needs to be enclosed in quote marks.
"<...>\Guild Wars 2\Gw2.exe" -email -password "1234 5" -nopatchui

-password <string>[edit]

Enabled auto-log-in with the specified password and either (A) was used with the -email option or (B) details have previously been saved using the "Remember Account Name" checkbox. This argument must not be preceded by any other argument other than -email. The -nopatchui argument must also be specified for this to work (as of Oct 13, 2012). This argument implies -autologin.
WARNING: This will store your password in the shortcut in plain text, readable by anyone. Putting your password in a shortcut or a batch file makes it easily accessible to anyone who can access your computer. It is strongly recommended not to use this command line due to the nature of your password being exposed in plain text and putting your account information at risk.

Disabled as part of the January 22, 2019 update due security reasons.[1]


Displayed performance indicators such as; Triangles, memory usage, frames per second and transfer rate in bytes per second are displayed in multi-colored text in the middle of the right side of the Guild Wars 2 window. Support for this was removed in BWE2.

-portalalias <string>[edit]

Unknown effects.


Enabled by default. Was previously used to test the beta version of the Streaming Client. [1]

-token <string>[edit]

Unknown effects.

-tokenpassword <string>[edit]

Unknown effects.


Disables the Chromium Embedded Framework browser and reverts back to the old Coherent UI browser instead.
Deprecated on 2023-07-18 [2]


Unknown effects.


Enabled by default. Was previously used to trigger the GUI launcher.


Launched the game using an old style launcher which also allows users to see the old style login screen with music.
Allowed people to use the pre-July 2012 update launcher (which did not check hardware configuration and used a different set of logon fields); was primarily useful for people using Virtual Machine. Disabled as part of the August 21, 2012 update.

-userid <string>[edit]

Unknown effects.