25 Mikan 1637 CC

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25 Mikan 1637 CC

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25 Mikan 1637 CC is a letter found in Sunqua Peak Fractal.


The Mists


A lengthy letter crafted with care for its recipient.
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25 Mikan 1637 CC

To my beautiful girls (yes, both of you, read this one together!),

Remember that BIG STRONG SCARY WOMAN I told you about? Boulder? Turns out she's actually a gentle giant! I was practicing my music (I'm getting really into this thing!) out by the tree when suddenly she came over and sat next to me.

She said the music reminded her of her grandmother, who used to play for her every night. On their chicken farm. SHE HAS A CHICKEN FARM! Oh, her name is Hyo-Sonn. I should probably tell you I invited her over for dinner when we return! So look forward to that!

Speaking of which, I heard that if we haven't received orders within the next four days, we'll be returning from duty. It's just a secondhand rumor, but I might get to see you both very soon! And I'll be bringing Hyo-Sonn with me!



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