01 Changhai 1638 CC

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01 Changhai 1638 CC

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01 Changhai 1638 CC is a letter found in Sunqua Peak Fractal.


The Mists


A personal note that looks to have been handwritten with painstaking care.
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01 Changhai 1638 CC

My love,

Do you remember when we first met? You were
painting the view of Panjiang in bloom. I waited
and watched you work your magic on the canvas.
It must have been hours. I was entranced.

When I finally worked up the courage to call out
to you, you jumped so hard that a streak of blue
whipped right across all your hard work. You
were so mad. Your soul so beautiful.

Did you know I was going to propose before you
did? I was going to take you back to that spot.
That same place on the peninsula. I had it all
planned...and then you dashed all my
expectations. I really should have known.

You've always been the one to challenge me in
taking leaps. You have such fire in you.

And then, seven years later, you gave me the
greatest gift of all. A daughter. Lan. My favorite
little bug.

Lan, you are so amazing. So intelligent. Witty,
and funny, and cute. And a brat. Even if you hate
being called out on it.

You're already growing up to be such an
incredible person. You can be whoever you want
to be.

You have your ma's same fiery soul. Don't let
that fire burn out. Either of you. Don't let the
world dim your light.

Find your passion, and follow it.

I don't want either of you to worry. Hyo-Sonn is
a good woman. Trust her. She took care of me.
You all take care of each other.

You gave me a life worth living. You brought me
so much joy. So much love. So many happy

You were my heart.

You will always be my world.

I love you.


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