Protect the skritt king from the Nightmare Court

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Protect the skritt king from the Nightmare Court is a level 20 group event that occurs in Skrittsburgh Center. This is one of four events that occurs randomly in this area.


  • Skritt King
  • Event bar.jpg
    Event shield (map icon).png
  • Summoned Husks killed: x/3
  • False Emmisary[sic] Group Members killed: x/4





When event starts:

Sylvari Emissary: We are mere emissaries from the sylvari. We have come to honor your king, and bear him gifts in the name of friendship.
Sylvari Emissary: These gifts we bring you, my lord, are most alluring, most powerful...most shiny. Something definitely fit for a king.
Skritt King: Let her proceed. Show us these gifts.
Sylvari Emissary: As you wish, great king. Carriers! Give the king his gift!
Royal Guard Captain: It was a trap! Stand back, my king.

If event succeeds:

Skritt King: The plant-men's trickery is no match for us. Together, we are mighty.
Skritt King: No one will drive us from our home. No one will hunt us anymore. It's time for our kind to grow and rise!
Skritt King: Spread the word through the tunnels. We build, we farm, we prepare. United, we will stay strong.

If event fails:

Nightmare Court Black Widow: Our work is done here. The skritt will be easy prey without their king.


  • This event fails if the Skritt King dies.