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Nika's armor

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Sneakthief armor human female front.jpg

Nika's armor is a themed medium armor set, named after the character Nika from Guild Wars. All pieces come with a Superior Rune of Infiltration.

[edit] Attribute bonuses

Individual attribute bonuses
Name Slot Defense Ferocity.png Ferocity Precision.png Precision Power.png Power
Sneakthief Mask.png Nika's Mask Head 97 +32 +32 +45
Sneakthief Shoulderguards.png Nika's Mantle Shoulders 97 +24 +24 +34
Sneakthief Coat.png Nika's Coat Chest 338 +72 +72 +101
Sneakthief Gloves.png Nika's Gloves Hands 157 +24 +24 +34
Sneakthief Leggings.png Nika's Leggings Legs 218 +48 +48 +67
Sneakthief Sandals.png Nika's Boots Feet 157 +24 +24 +34
Cumulative attribute bonuses
Defense Ferocity.png Ferocity Precision.png Precision Power.png Power
1064 +224 +224 +315

[edit] Gallery

See Sneakthief armor

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