Kill the alpha drake

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Kill the alpha drake

Archen Foreland
(Bloodtide Coast)
Event type
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Dynamic event
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Kill the alpha drake is a level 45 event that occurs in Archen Foreland.

A fisherman wants to take his pack bull to drink in the lake but is afraid of pirate ambushes. You promise to protect them, and Lionscout Kealin, who overhear your conversation, follows. A large Alpha Drake appears and swallows the fisherman, while the bull runs to take shelter uphill. You have to kill the drake with Kealin's help, preferably before it digests the fisherman.

The drake puts down poison pools and summons Regurgitated Drake Food, low level enemies that are useful for rallying off of. It eats players like the fisherman, but this doesn't do any damage, and merely disables them for a few seconds. It expels eaten players in a poison pool.

The fisherman is very confident that the player will protect him.
The Alpha Drake and its little "food" buddies, with the fisherman struggling in its stomach.


  • Alpha Drake
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    Event boss (map icon).png
  • Time until fisherman digested:
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Kealin: What are you doing? You brought a drake dinner right into the nest!
Fisherman: It's alright, don't worry.
[The fisherman is eaten, the pack bull is struck with fear]
Pack Bull: Moooooo!
Fisherman: Mrrrpphhhh. Mmppph. Mmmmphhhhh! Mffflemffff! Mrph! Mrph!
Fisherman lives
Kealin: You need to get back on the road! Head to Marshwatch Haven.
Fisherman: Thank the gods you came along!
Fisherman dies
Kealin: Oh, that is a shame.


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 2,821
220 Karma.png Silver coin 9 Copper coin
Silver 2,398
187 Karma.png 93 Copper coin
Bronze 2,116
165 Karma.png 82 Copper coin
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  • The fisherman in question was previously named Phill the Fisher.
  • The Alpha Drake used to be a champion, but was later changed to a normal rank, while retaining its potency.