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I think itll just confuse people if you delete it.

GW1 lore[edit]

About "I don't think there should be any lore in the GW1 wiki that is NOT in the GW2 wiki, since they share the same lore.": making a long story short, no, we won't document all GW1 lore here. See Abbadon and its talk page, or the discussion here. This is the GW2W, not the "GW Universe Wiki"; we have the template linking to GW1 if there's information about any given subject on GW1 that is not relevant to GW2. Trying to make overly generic statements such as "all GW1 lore should be here just because said lore exists" wouldn't really help this wiki. Erasculio 12:29, 16 January 2011 (UTC)