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Awesome work on the Schematic info[edit]

I did the minor supply drop page but my scribe is only 60 so I couldn’t do any more.

Over the weekend I’m going to find all the pages that should link to these schematic pages like the guild upgrades pages and make sure they’re linking properly.

I added in the red link to WVW processing Line but I don't know if we should point it to the Assembly Device instead.

I like the nav, it’s a good idea to have one. I think Gem stones and [[Template:Bags_nav|Bags]] looks like good examples that would work well with tactics/improvements.

J.Tesla (talk) 22:07, 18 December 2015 (UTC)

Thanks! I will look into working on the Nav a little more tomorrow, I have spent a lot of time on it today so I need a little break. Feel free to add to it if you feel it is needed. I looked for all the pages I could that linked to the wrong page and changed them.
Yah that red link was taken from the format that I used, I agree the page does need to be made/redirected but just have not got to it yet. I am kinda new at this wiki stuff so its been slow for me.