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User Zesbeer sig.png About: This space will be used for things I do and don't like about Guild Wars 2.


Almost the best game ever[edit]

After watching, reading, and playing at pax, I feel like this could quite possibly be the best game ever made. I know that is a huge statement to make but this game is doing huge things, and if anet is able to deliver then I think they will be worthy of that title at least until someone reiterates and makes it even better. though there are a lot of things to improve.

wvw ranks account bound[edit]

About time! It honestly should have been that way from the start, no idea what they were thinking there.


At this point in the game I have one level 80 and 7 random leveled characters and more and more I am finding my self saying WHY is this not account bound Like dyes I don't know what changed from that blog post pre-launch to now, to make dyes not account bound and character bound. but this is one thing that MAJORLY sucks about playing alt. I see a color that I have on my main and am like this would look epic on my engi or ele, but nope too bad its me you have to re buy the dye or randomly get it to drop out of the 400+ dyes that are said to be in the game, or randomly craft it. fixed and its awesome!



This was something I wanted at pre-launch and now we finally have it and its awesome but the parts that are not awesome are that gemstore skins + achievement skins, not the zenith/radiant/helfire more like slickpack just skins you got from doing achievements, are not free (require a charge) after unlocking them in the wardrobe and they should be you earned or bought (with real money some times) those skins and for more than a charge is worth. If you bought or earned it, it should then unlock that skin for free for your account.


they are great you can see and play pve with alot more people. what is not so great is trying to do events that you need for say traits. the other super annoying then is the amount of /map spam there is in the game now you even see guild recruitment drives


it seems right now that the main components of rits has been split into the Guardian and Engineer, maybe the necro as well. i love summoners and think that they are just the most epic thing. and in guild wars 1 rits filled this roll rather nicely for me with spirits. other things that made me love the rit was the fact that you can be a healer, a turret spammer, or a lightning nuker or a hybrid of all three. so I hope that the last profession is a rit.


No Obs mode with the ship of the game[edit]

This is bad because if you want to be a better player and any thing, one of the easiest ways to do that is to review the game you just played. i really hope anet changes its mind and puts full support for obs mode along with giving you the option to watch your game play from dungeon runs and boss battles. and save that video to your computer. with out having to rely on third party programs. obs mode did finaly come though I still miss the ingame obs that you could do in gw1 so I hope they add that as well.


My complaints about fear are two-fold. One, you lose control of your character. Yes, knockdowns do this too, but that doesn't mean we need another, and that brings me to my second point--unlike knockdowns, they force you to run away. In GW1, this wouldn't be a big deal, but because you can run off of cliffs in GW2, this is HUGE. In PvE, this may be manageable, but in PvP, this will be a disaster. Why? If you've watched the PvP game play, you know there is fall damage if you run off a ledge, cliff, clock tower, etc. This can be greatly abused by players, and there are only two ways to fix it. One would be to remove fear from PvP completely (good), but that seems unlikely. More likely, AreanaNet will either have to go through the painstaking trouble of designing every single map to prevent abuse of the fear mechanic (unlikely, and bad--I think it would be cool to have fights near cliffs, if there was no fear), or more likely, if GW1 is any barometer of success, just leave broken maps in the rotation that can be heavily abused by a team built to exploit it.

A miss opportunity to talk about gw2 lore[edit]

we just went thew Halloween, and we have heard nothing from anet about what happens with these events or if there are other race events that take place thew out the year. it would be nice to see a week's worth of posts that talk about the events that take place for wintersday, Halloween, ect. for each race and to see which races don't observe ect.

WoW fan-boys[edit]

If you are one please go away this is not wow, please stop posting suggestions to make it a wow clone, its not. And that is not what anet is trying to achieve. there are already other games that have made wow clones go play those or wow if you love it so much. its hard for me to express my dislike for people who say "so there is no gear grind?" or "so you don't have 900000 skills on your bar lame." you don't need 900000 skills or gear grind to make a game fun and interesting. or a dps bar or any of the other random trash that wow has like individual stacks of conditions.