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You're reading this because you're a veteran at the triple trouble wurm raid. I'd like your help in trying out a crazy idea at the cobalt wurm!


Kill Cobalt wurm with 15 or fewer players. Use 4 burn phases.

Map Setup[edit]

Wait for an event in bloodtide coast to finish (taidha, triple wurm). Wait for players to filter out. Once the map is marked for closure, taxi everyone in. Then spawn the wurm.

A few stray players may ultimately show up. Can't do anything about them.

Raid Day[edit]

Next raid is: <TBD>

  • better management of players on the map
    • use a map marked for closure
      • organize the natural spawn beforehand Narokh-style to get lots of players on the map, then when the event ends hopefully the mass exodus of players will get the map to close
    • explain in mapchat why we want no one else at cobalt
    • use a decoy commander
  • allow time to grab bloodlust
  • more damage optimization
Points of Discussion
  • micromanage parties/might stacking
  • keg runners always follow 1 player
  • kill snaring pirate

Previous Raids[edit]

Thurs Oct 9th, 1AM PDT[edit]

  • Originally scheduled raid was canceled due to no-shows. It was rescheduled, canceled, and finally put together at the last minute after Cassper found an empty map.
  • 10 participants, 2 random players
  • ~5% HP after 3 burn phases
  • Decapped with 1 sec left on the timer.
Participant Role
Ventaurion Project Lead; Strategist; Egg, Husk, Spit Blocker
Levi Executive Assistant; Archiver; Damage Specialist; Commander Icon.png Keg Driver
Cassper Archiver; Damage Specialist; Keg Runner
Narokh Map Commander; Keg Runner
Gambito Keg Runner
Chiorydax Sunseeker Keg Runner
James Wharfedale Keg Runner
Tali Keg Runner
Eilus Keg Runner
Evers Keg Runner

Some other players were instrumental to the success, but unable to attend this raid.

Participant Role
Seras Moon Endless hours of wurm theorycrafting
Jacobbs Map Advocate; Build theorycrafting

Interlude, Tues Oct 7th, 1AM PDT[edit]

  • Understand the spawning schedule for veteran jungle wurms
  • (Re?)discovered you can invulnerable-block wurm spit attack
  • timeline

Tues Sept 30, 9:30PM PDT[edit]

  • 15 initial players, lots of random players wandered in as the event progressed
  • nearly finished with 4 burn phases
  • need better pug/map management, but strategy is solid
  • timeline

Wed Sept 17, 8:30PM PDT[edit]

  • 2 attempts
  • Got 2 full burn phases in each
  • The kegs need more protection than the reflectors
  • 4 burns seem sufficient to complete phase 1
  • make it a priority to clear the beach (condi? zerker?)


Hi, we're setting up a test at the Cobalt wurm, please don't come near this area and interfere. If you do, you will make the fight HARDER.
You can still get credit for participation if you go to Amber or Crimson. If you come to Cobalt and it fails, there's NO CREDIT.
If you have questions, feel free to ask. Thanks for understanding!

As always, I'm open to suggestions and happy to answer questions. Feel free to make direct edits to this page.