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This document started out as personal notes on how to fulfill leadership roles at wurm. It has gradually evolved into an outline of the important ideas to emphasize. You will not learn how to run the wurm from reading this. I only refer back to this occasionally to make sure I haven't missed anything. With a good mentor, though, this is good supplementary material.

This does lack a section on condi teams, since I'm not familiar with that role.


Can be done by guardians, eles, mesmers, thieves, rangers, and engis.


  • eggs vs husks
  • skills, weapons, traits
  • position, angle
  • teams
  • in position vs reflect
  • dodge wurm attacks
  • inside, can't see


  • must know animation
  • husk vs egg
  • team/exp composition
  • Cobalt/Crimson pattern
  • cooldown timing
  • backup
  • call missed eggs
  • in-battle feedback?


Pre Setup[edit]


  • setup power team (except amber) use the zerg
  • check condi/reflect team (usually done)
  • setup escort team (3 - 9 players)
  • phase 1 go over: wurm mechanic, wurm's attacks, avoid husks
  • phase 2 explain:
    • wurm attacks and animations, and dodging
    • positioning
    • practice movement
    • combat consumables
  • set up warrior banners
  • use food and Superior Sharpening Stone right before the fight starts
  • other:
    • dancing around wurm spit
    • no parties
    • bloodlust stacks
    • ele weapons
    • nutrients

Cobalt specific[edit]

  • practice jumping water spawn
  • south kegs water trap

Amber specific[edit]

  • call target at start
  • do not move while inside the wurm, you will lose your harpoon
  • stack vs kill abom

Next Level[edit]

  • if lacking reflectors or callers, a crazy commander at crimson can solo reflect while leading
  • even crazier, a commander at cobalt can call the reflects while leading the zerg, since she will always have vision of the wurm


If possible, always wait for the Amber zerg to get the abom buff first. There is a low chance the abom doesn't drop the buff (not sure if bug or intentional), in which case the other commanders need to wait for the next abom to spawn. Ideally, synchronization should be:

Amber spits zerg => Cobalt runs barrels => Crimson fills final container

Phase 2 calling[edit]

  • turrets at beginning/end of phase 1
  • stack might until wurm pops
  • ember/pets after first charge
  • wurm attacks/warbanners as needed
  • stability before stomp

Phase 2 attacks[edit]

  • charge: lateral dodge + run towards final destination
  • stomp: stability or dodge (this goes through aegis)
  • flop: is harmless
  • Cobalt
  • Amber
  • Crimson


  • 3 leaders on the same map
  • 90 minimum, 120+ preferred
  • get channels/shard chat set up
  • 3 reflect teams
    • configurations:
      • 1 caller + 2...4 reflectors
      • silent but reliable reflectors who know the role for duo
      • solo from recognized players
      • emergency: solo reflect crimson
      • emergency: lead + call cobalt
    • make sure reflectors have a trainer
  • 3 condi teams
  • invite new players into teamspeak
  • equalize damage output for each wurm. The most effective approximation of this (assuming no class, equipment, or skill requirements for players) is sending an equal number of each class to each wurm.
  • if needed, rebalance players after each wurm's first burn. This is a good indication of how the zerg will perform for the rest of the fight.


  • mesmer: signet of inspiration, time warp
  • thief: shortbow 2 for blast
  • ranger: frost spirit, spotter trait, jungle stalker (might), drake (blast), call of the wild
  • warrior: banner str/discipline/standard
  • ele: conjure weapons, glyph of renewal
  • engi: elixir r
  • necro: signet of undeath

Wurm Evolved?[edit]

Arenanet may be applying undocumented changes to the wurm. Some time between July and August 2014, I've noticed:

  • The abomination at amber sometimes does not drop the Wurm Attractant buff. I think the chance of this happening is somewhere around 5% - 20%.
  • During phase 2, the wurm head sometimes cancels one attack into another. Sneaky bastard.
  • The player capacity for Bloodtide Coast may have increased. It was previously believed to be 150. I think it is 160-170 now.


hey guys, please listen up. If you want to kill this wurm, we need your cooperation.
We need as much damage as possible, so please take a moment to retrait and switch your equipment/skills to maximize damage
here's some suggestions for each class:
guardian: please bring [&ByUkAAA=], [&B3wjAAA=], and [&B8EjAAA=] for stability/aegis
warrior: [&B0U4AAA=] and [&B1M4AAA=]. Empower Allies under Tactics 8
engi: if you have space, [&B1AXAAA=] helps rally the downed
ranger: [&B9EwAAA=] and warhorn [&B9kwAAA=]. jungle stalker pet for the might, and any drake for the blast finisher
thief: bring a shortbow for [&B/EyAAA=]'s blast finisher
ele: [&B78VAAA=] and [&B4wVAAA=], [&B4EWAAA=] for reviving the downed
mesmer: [&B4koAAA=] during burn phases (after might stacking is done), [&B/wnAAA=] when you have large might stacks
necro: [&B3MpAAA=] if you have the room
we're setting up for the triple trouble jungle wurm event, please join us on teamspeak! no mic needed!

(thanks to: Metavox, Mindu, Kalak, Galio)