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ohithar. Just calling dibs on this space ready for GW2. >.>

I really know nothing about wikis, so someone poke me if I do something wrong. <.<

Verhazykins <3

User Boxes[edit]

En-N This user is a native speaker of English.
No-0 This user is a wannabe speaker of Norwegian.
Ge-1 This user is a basic speaker of German, but fastly deteriorating due to no more lessons.
Eng This user is english and loves his crumpets, naturaly.
GW-V This user is a Veteran from the original Guild Wars.
PvE This user plays PvE.
UB-Y This user thinks user boxes are epic.
Copy-Y This user seems to be copying everything from Verhaze.
:D This user worked out how to put the userboxes in a table.
NeGo This user is Neutral Good by nature.
ChEv This user pretends to be Chaotic Evil by nature.
UBlvl^ This user has stopped using the language userbox template.