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I am a veteran woman both in game and in real life! :-) I am not native English speaking.

Me vs. GW1 & GW2.

I play GW and GW2 since origins. Generally, I am the type of player who like to study. Whatever I do, I first take time to observe and identify all possible ways to approach. I always try to deviate from the intended standard path. I am a specialist of using "non-expected" approach, what confuses foes that are setup to react to something different. It often gives me the key to go through areas/events/storylines in an easier manner, safer, regularly skipping entire fights. It does not always work though! LOL

My activities ingame.

I am a very good jumper. That's what I prefer. I'm semi-hardcore WvW and raid from time to time. I regularly do commander in PvE for meta events, to take squad into JPs or to help newbies. Generally, I like to help others. I do love scavenger hunts. I don't like dungeons and storylines. I don't PvP.


I'm in the leading team of a PvX guild (490+) active since launch. Guild leader is really something I like to do and it consumes quite a big part of my playing time.

My toons.

I have a fixed base of 17 toons. Out of those, 6 are "main", properly equipped and pretty strong. The rest serves diverse side activities and are mostly lacking strong equipment. Around that base, I regularly create and delete additional ones, to test and practice. I always keep a low level avie to have something easy to do on days I am tired.

My classes.

My preferred prof. is mesmer. For WvW, I run as a power Rev or as a power Scrapper. In raids, I'm power DH mostly. PvE is for me the space of full freedom and I run there with all types of profession without any specific build, else than what is fun to me. Like typically, I get big fun with a Rev equipped bow.

Tilu 14:02, 20 November 2017 (UTC)