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In preparation for Guild Wars 2, I've made a family tree for my main character, and have it covered here. I'll eventually add years of birth, death, marriages, etc. Guild Wars 2 pics were used after so many generations to go with the change of times.

Gerald Nightingale & Sharla Dreamwalk[edit]

Gerald year of birth: 1003 AE
Sharla year of birth: 1004 AE
Year married: 1026 AE
Gerald was born before the Guild Wars were raging. He lived a peaceful life, but when the wars began ten years later, he spent his life in a constant state of battles and moving to escape capture and death. It wasn’t until he was 20 years old that Gerald realized that there was more to life than fighting. He came into this realization when he met Sharla Dreamwalk, an elementalist who had become orphaned by the Guild Wars. Gerald defied his parents and fled to Wizard’s Folly from the Shiverpeaks, where he had previously resided, with Sharla and the two eloped and began a family.
Sharla became an orphan at the age of nine due to the Guild Wars taking her home and family from her. She stayed at the orphanage until she was 18, but upon being released, was uncertain as to what her future could possibly consist of. She despised the Guild Wars for taking her family from her, and spent the next year working as a seamstress for minimal amounts of gold. One day, a customer came to ask that she sew up his cloth robes, for they had been torn from battling a river skale. The man introduced himself as Gerald Nightingale, and this meeting was to bring changes to both of their lives.
After spending three years as great friends, the relationship between Gerald and Sharla became romantic. Gerald had been raised to be strong and fight, but also to heal those who truly mattered and keep them alive for as long as possible. Due to his constant moving and avoiding danger, he knew only about the Guild Wars and the need to fight. Sharla opened his eyes to the realization that there is more to life than risking it. The two fell in love and eloped in Wizard’s Folly. Three years later, they became the parents of a daughter they called Connivia.
User Tender Wolf Gerald Nightingale1.jpg User Tender Wolf Gerald Nightingale2.jpg User Tender Wolf Sharla Nightingale1.jpg User Tender Wolf Sharla Nightingale2.jpg

Roston Wolfsong & Connivia Nightingale[edit]

Roston year of birth: 1028 AE
Connivia year of birth: 1029 AE
Year married: 1048 AE
Connivia was a mesmer who lived in Wizard’s Folly with her overprotective parents. Though they were not what were considered elderly for their age, they had been through so much in their lives that they seemed 20 years older than their years. Connivia took care of them as if she was the parent and they were the children. She would only stoop to fighting when she was desperate. Connivia was constantly daydreaming about what it would be like to live a different kind of life. When she met Roston, she was a very shy young woman but it was love at first sight.
Raised in an orphanage until he ran away at age 14, Roston was a dear friend to Adelbern before he became the king of Ascalon. He was a warrior in the guild Ascalon’s Chosen and served by Adelbern’s side. But through his adventures, he was still looking for love. But Roston was convinced that he wasn’t good enough for anyone. One day, he was sent to recruit more members for Ascalon’s Chosen. Connivia did not believe in joining guilds due to the stories she was told by her parents. But when Roston and Connivia met, it was fate.
Roston and Connivia dated for one year before they got married in October. Connivia prayed that her parents would be able to see her wedding and children before they were taken to the Underworld, but they died due to illness before the wedding. The couple resided in Connivia’s home in Wizard’s Folly and prayed to the gods to bless them with children to complete their family. But it wasn’t until ten years later that their wish was fulfilled. They were blessed with a single child – a daughter they named Keiondra. However, because of their older age when they had their child, Roston and Connivia are slightly older than most parents in the Guild Wars world. They keep their daughter very close and are very protective of her. But they truly do cherish her.
User Tender Wolf Roston Wolfsong1.jpg User Tender Wolf Roston Wolfsong2.jpg User Tender Wolf Connivia Wolfsong1.jpg User Tender Wolf Connivia Wolfsong2.jpg

Keiondra Wolfsong & Isaac Silverbane[edit]

Keiondra year of birth: 1058 AE
Isaac year of birth: 1987 AE
Year married: Never married, but considered 1079 AE
Keiondra knew when she was eight years old that she wanted to be a ranger when she picked up her first bow and fired an arrow that landed right in the middle of a tree trunk. To her, it’s the perfect combination of the melee fighting of her warrior father and the distant attacking of her mesmer mother. When Keiondra turned 15, the Searing hit Ascalon. She and her parents survived, but Keiondra strongly wanted to follow Prince Rurik to Kryta where there were no Charr, a place where it would be safer for her and her parents. Her parents, though reluctant at first, agreed to let her go and journeyed with her. Upon arrival, they resided in the Ascalon Settlement. After arriving in Kryta, danger had not yet passed and Keiondra wanted to help stop it. She then became known as Tender Wolf. She believed that should an enemy target her, her family would still remain safe if her true identity remained a secret. Keiondra chose this name because of, not only her last name, but her fierce loyalty to wolves. She believes that wolves are tender and gentle, lovable creatures, unlike some who believe that wolves are vicious, blood-thirsty monsters. And so, the legend of Tender Wolf was born. She traveled with Rurik and stopped evil on three continents. But in May of 1079 AE, she suddenly vanished into thin air. No one was sure what had happened to her. When she returned at last, it was a week before her 21st birthday. Keiondra returned with a young man known as Isaac Silverbane. They both claimed that Keiondra had been sent forward in time to the year 2008 AE in Tyria by an evil Asura who had invented a time-travel device. But both Keiondra and Isaac were highly intelligent, and were able to reverse the machine (which they’d found in a museum in Isaac’s time) and return. Isaac then studied to become an assassin. It was obvious that the journey had landed Keiondra more than just a new friend, but a true love as well.
Isaac studied to become an assassin upon returning to Keiondra’s time with her, but he was killed in combat training. Keiondra blames herself for not being there for him, even though Isaac insisted that she spend as much time with her parents as possible since she’d missed them so much. He never got to hear the news from his true love that she was expecting their child.
Keiondra and Isaac hadn’t discussed getting married because of Isaac’s training. However, because Isaac was killed before such a discussion could even take place, Keiondra still has her maiden name. But she and Isaac didn’t return to the future alone. Keiondra realized that she was expecting their child. Her parents, though hesitant and shocked at first that their daughter would have a child out of wedlock, grew to accept the idea and were looking forward to becoming grandparents. In February, Keiondra gave birth to a son. She was originally going to name him Isaac after his father, but it was still too painful to say the name Isaac. So she decided to call him Jeremiah instead.
User Tender Wolf Keiondra Wolfsong1.jpg User Tender Wolf Isaac Silverbane1.jpg

Jeremiah Wolfsong & Rosa Ashrock[edit]

Jeremiah year of birth: 1079 AE
Rosa year of birth: 1082 AE
Year married: 1104 AE
Jeremiah was born in February of 1079 AE. He had a life filled with love and care from his mother and grandparents, but lived through a few hardships due to not having a father. It hurt him to hear the truth of what happened to Isaac, but he accepted that it was the gods’ choice. His mother showed him her Hall of Monuments, and he saw a Destroyer spear among her collection of weapons. He picked it up and decided to be a paragon. He wanted to protect the people he cared about the most. Jeremiah was also introduced to Canthan traditions, which is where he met a lovely young ritualist named Rosa. Their bond would become much stronger than friendship.
Rosa is a ritualist who has the ability to read palms to find out what a person is like on the inside. She manages to enchant Jeremiah when he journeys to Cantha one year for the New Year. She is only 16 when the two meet, and Jeremiah is 18. Rosa is the celestial maiden who dances in celebration of the celestial being that journeys to Cantha every year. For the Dragon Festival, she dances in celebration of the event. Rosa and Jeremiah met outside the festivities and became good friends. They would begin meeting every year, two times, for each of the Canthan events. But eventually, Jeremiah began journeying to Cantha more often and one year even convinced Rosa to return to Tyria with him to see Halloween, an event that Canthans did not know. Their bond grows strong for six years when they get married and begin their own family.
After six years of knowing each other, their feelings growing stronger each time, Jeremiah asked Rosa to become his wife. She happily accepted and they were married a few months later. The legendary Tender Wolf would become the grandmother of three children, two boys and a girl.
User Tender Wolf Jeremiah Wolfsong1.jpg User Tender Wolf Rosa Ashrock1.jpg

Lamond Moongaze & Scarlet Wolfsong[edit]

Scarlet year of birth: 1105 AE
Lamond year of birth: 1102 AE
Year married: 1125 AE
Scarlet was born one year after her parents were married and she became fascinated with the concept of taking on the forms of the gods at the age of 12. As a result, she studied to become a dervish. She is the eldest of two boys, Mathias and Daemon. Her beauty was striking and was always attracting men; however, Scarlet wanted to be cared for because of who she was inside. The man she found to spend the rest of her life with was blind, but she knew there was no question to his devotion.
Lamond was an elementalist who used to use fire magic, but an accident left him blind. Scarlet was fascinated that someone who couldn’t see could still go through life as though it were perfectly normal, and how someone being robbed of his eyesight could still see a lot more than someone with perfect vision could. He also saw more in Scarlet than anyone else; he saw past her beauty unlike most men and into her soul. The two fell in love and Scarlet married the handsome elementalist when she was 20 years old.
Lamond and Scarlet seemed like an odd couple, being a lovely young dervish with a promising future and an elementalist who had lost his vision mastering his own profession. But their love was strong and it triumphed over all. They managed to have two children three years after they were married.
User Tender Wolf Scarlet Wolfsong1.jpg User Tender Wolf Lamond Moongaze1.jpg

Xavier Moongaze & Amara Stormwind[edit]

Xavier year of birth: 1129 AE
Amara year of birth: 1128 AE
Year married: 1156 AE
Xavier and his sister Marian were two siblings that every parent wanted. They were very protective of each other and were like each other’s best friend. When Xavier met his future wife, Amara, he saw many similar characteristics between the two, yet still enough of a difference so no one could accuse him of marrying a clone of his sister. However, Amara was already betrothed to another man that her parents thought was more suitable for her. Her parents were against her and Xavier’s affair, and Amara’s future husband insisted that Xavier stay away from his bride. But love did triumph, for Amara abandoned her parents and everything she knew and she and Xavier ran away together.
Amara was an only child who studied to become an elementalist, but was betrothed to marry a man she didn’t love because, at age 27, she still hadn’t found that special someone. But then she met Xavier Moongaze, and it was love at first sight. However, Amara’s parents forbade their relationship from the start, saying that Xavier was not suitable for their daughter. Amara snuck out of her home one night and she and Xavier eloped.
Xavier and Amara were married a year after they met, and four years after that, they became the parents of twin daughters, Hope and Faith. The sibling rivalry between the two was intense, and nothing like Xavier was used to. But as the twins grew older, they put aside their differences and got more mature.
User Tender Wolf Xavier Moongaze1.jpg User Tender Wolf Amara Stormwind1.jpg

Faith Moongaze & Harlen Phoenixfire[edit]

Faith year of birth: 1160 AE
Harlen year of birth: 1153 AE
Year married: 1180 AE
As children, Faith and her twin sister Hope were like oil and water, always accusing their parents and relatives of favoritism to the other. But when they became teenagers, they grew up and got along. However, when they both fell in love with the same man, the rivalry emerged again. That is, until Faith met a man known as Harlen Phoenixfire and married him instead at the age of 20.
Harlen was previously a hermit before he met Faith Moongaze. She literally brought him out of his shell, thus giving him a new reason to live life. However, he was 7 years older than Faith, so he was hesitant at first. But alas, they were married shortly thereafter and had one son.
Harlen and Faith were married in 1180 AE, and two years later they were blessed with a son. However, Avery was born deaf, so he could only use his hands to communicate.
User Tender Wolf Faith Moongaze1.jpg User Tender Wolf Harlen Phoenixfire1.jpg

Avery Phoenixfire & Tamika Solowind[edit]

Avery year of birth: 1182 AE
Tamika year of birth: 1182 AE
Year married: 1208 AE
Avery was deprived of his ability to hear, but he managed to communicate just fine with his hands. He even managed to fall in love with a woman named Tamika Solowind. However, unbeknownst to anyone else, he married his wife because she unexpectedly confessed that she was pregnant.
Tamika was a gem seller when she met Avery, who was searching for a birthday gift for his mother. Tamika was fascinated that this young man’s only means of communication were with his hands. Coincidentally, she also knew the art of sign language, so the two hit it off quickly. They fell in love, and got married when Tamika announced that she was pregnant with their child.
Avery and Tamika were married in 1208 AE and one year later, they had triplets, two girls and a boy named Colton, Cora, and Colleen. Four years after that, they had a son named Sutton. The triplets all became thieves to help support the family, much to the dismay of their parents while Sutton became a mesmer.
User Tender Wolf Avery Phoenixfire1.jpg User Tender Wolf Tamika Solowind1.jpg

Sutton Phoenixfire & Ivy Starfall[edit]

Sutton year of birth: 1213 AE
Ivy year of birth: 1215 AE
Year married: 1233 AE
Sutton was the younger sibling to triplets, and as such the three liked to tease him for being outnumbered. However, this didn’t faze him. He simply shrugged it off and went about his own way. He took his mother’s occupation as a gem seller, and when he fell in love for the first time, it was to a woman who’d previously been a mesmer but had lost her ability to be a spell caster and became a warrior instead. Sutton, being the baby of the family, found it difficult to break free from his parents, so he took his lover and they eloped.
Sutton and Ivy eloped, and five years later, had two children, one a girl named Valory and one a boy named Nelson. However, a disease took Sutton’s life from him before he could see his daughter married.
User Tender Wolf Sutton Phoenixfire1.jpg User Tender Wolf Ivy Starfall1.jpg

Valory Phoenixfire & Carter Nightwing[edit]

Valory year of birth: 1238 AE
Carter year of birth: 1237 AE
Year married: 1266 AE
Valory lost her father before he could see her married, so she left her home to ease the pain. She was a geisha at the time, entertaining for a living, when she met the not-so-typical visitor who would become her future husband.
Carter was a man who studied the art of the necromancer, but he had no desire whatsoever to raise minions from the dead. Instead, he specialized in stealing health from his foes. But he managed to steal more than health from Valory Phoenixfire – he stole her heart as well.
Carter and Valory were married in 1266 AE and five years later they had a daughter they named Samara. They raised Samara to be as strong as them, but Samara desired to heal her loved ones instead of fight, so she became a guardian.
User Tender Wolf Valory Phoenixfire1.jpg User Tender Wolf Carter Nightwing1.jpg

Samara Nightwing & Quinton Windsong[edit]