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Welcome, Traveller

Welcome, this will be the page of a guild called the "Sierra-Brothers".
A guild existing for more than 250 years already.
A guild founded by a hero although nobody knows him .
A guild that had it all, full hall, alliance, members, candy, cake (it's not a lie)
A guild that, for the moment has a guild hall deep beneath the ocean, thanks to
someone who clearly was a little grumpy after he woke up Grrrr...
A guild that now accepts any race, as long as they are funny, polite, and funny.
Welcome again, if you have any question? you can always contact me
Or when the game is finally out: Pm me (probs on sierra-echo)

Stay as long as you want and keep it fun XD
Greetings, and have a nice day XD

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  • Haldir murkwood
  • Xand Rekarnot yet on wiki)
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A long long time ago a guy named Sierra did all sorts of good deeds, He helped villagers, he used his fire-power shizle to destroy baddies and to bring peace to small villages. He met other adventurers and created the bond of three
the bond of three.

""And it shall always be the bond of three that will see, and be for the guild"" But they never did the greatest deeds, they did small things and asked nothing in return. One day the poor leader, Sierra grew sick. His powers weakened and the guild fell with his death, some say that when the season of coldness falls again, the spirit of Sierra can be seen again, warming people up with his flaming hands.
Almurk dirwoot was the second member of the bond of three, he knew a great lot of nature and healing but couldn't save his friend. After Sierra's death he vanished never to be seen again, or at least not alive, some people think they saw him together with sierra's spirit helping those who needs help.
Finally we had Fira Rekar, an assassin far greater than any other of his generation he trained in the shiverpeak mountains and climbed the highest peaks there. He was a master of the shadows and information. He knew where help was needed the most, but even good information doesn't always save a life, he perished not long after Sierra when he tried to kill some terrorweb dryders (25 actually), he was clearly outnumbered and acted too fast. His spirit lurking near those of his friends ready to launch himself in a new adventure when possible.
""The first have come and gone, when it's time for the next generation to become and to be gone""
A guild risen out of his ashes

Then 250 years ago, the world of tyria was forsaken, a god named Abbadon tried to destroy everything men most liked. But the spirits of our heroes knew, so it was time to rise again, Sierra-Echo, Haldir Murkwood and Xand Rekar fought together to stop the awful plans of this forsaken god.First they destroyed the lich,
""And Sierra planted his scythe in his back, when Xand's blow landed on his head, although it was Haldir's arrow that ended the foul monster who had released the anger of the titans upon Tyria.""
Together they ended the reign of the betrayer named Shiro, The one who could not be killed without gazing at the stars and become closer to them. ""Haldir crippled the assassin making him regret his rush, Sierra used his aura making him bleed and suffer for his deeds, but Xand the good-hearted quickly used his sword ending the life of the betrayer.""
After having defeated two of the people Abbadon had used to destroy Kryta, it was time to kill the forsaken god himself. They travelled through the desolation to the domain of this tyrant, the realm of torment. There they slayed the menace making tyria save or so they thought. ""When Haldir and Xand tried to keep the god in place by binding his hands, Sierra learned Abbadon his own dirty little secret, the secret of massive AoE damage, it really was a shame the subject couldn't stay to listen a little longer""
But the first signs of a new treat soon started to appear, magma- beast soaring from the surface, little arrogant big eyed-DOBBY-THE-HOUSE-ELF-LIKE creatures also surfaced. And when traveling to the north they even encountered friendly-er charr and big not-so-smart-beardy norn. There they learned that a mighty beast called the great destroyer was the cause of this disaster. They travelled deep beneath the earth to the central transfer Chamber to slay the mighty beast, and ended the life of those destroyers. ""This last beast was slayed not by sierra, nor Haldir and not even Xand. As they killed it all together, a poisoned arrow of Haldir followed by the razor-sharp scythe of sierra and finally the earthshaking blow of Xand.""
They also helped the queen rising back to the throne, and ending the reign of the unseen gods at the same time. They knew little what was yet to come, a threat even greater than the ones they already vanquished as legendary guardians. But that was not their task, it was not their fate, not their destiny.

After this the bond of three split, the reasons of this is still unknown, but we do know what some of them did in their last moments.
What's next? Sierra decided to go to the maguuma jungle to relax and write his final thoughts his spirit was old and tired of this world but still wanted to protect the world and share his wisdom with it. It's there that he met an old centaur named Ventari, He decide to stay with him ending his life in his sanctuary. And before he left this world to start his journey he hid his notes and memories not so far from there. It was almost 2 and a half century later that a young soul ,of a race that didn't existed the time he lived, found it, reading it and accepting his guidance, it was then that Sierra knew that this time he shall guide not save this world, and he also knew that he couldn't do this alone... This is where our Wisdom ends, although they are some that think that Xand, a human had gone to Ascalon helping a warband of charr achieving great deeds, there is still no evidence that this really ocured. His spirit is guiding a charr know though.
And Haldir? Well, he really got lost, but maybe we will hear more of him now that Tyria needs the help of the bond of three again.

We know that many others helped the bond of three in their adventurers but the great stories of those people where lost, but if YOU found something, heard something or maybe even saw something that could help us telling their story too, you could contact the one that is actually very interested in these stories.