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User Serge Yseron my leet armor set.jpg

Yseron in the Unity Asset Store[edit]

- Small GIS exemple project using zero third party API/assets
It could be interesting to use a Tyria map instead of the Earth one, provided that anet one day give us their prime meridian, and a map that cover the whole planet even if undetermined areas are left black.
Making it accessible from the web without anyone needing to install anything would then be easy cake because with unity it's as complicated as hiting the button: "build".

Creating a gw2 mini game for a contest destined to the community[edit]

User Serge Yseron gw2 mini game.jpg

Personnal version of Balthazar Sword[edit]

User Serge Yseron personnal version of balthazar sword.jpg

First attempt at modelling a dog wich swallowed an almanach[edit]

User Serge Yseron wolf dagger using Matt design.jpg

User Serge Yseron lobelia dagger.jpg

Fastest Airship In Tyria[edit]

User Serge Yseron rms millenium falcon.jpg

Recycle Bin[edit]

- Delete Permanently

WvW progression[edit]

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Realm Avenger completion:52% Current badges surplus:36.000+

No WvW trait left to max.

- Current WvW and PvE setups

WvW discussions[edit]

- Lag
- Wild bunch
- Wild bunch, the return

Artistic attempts[edit]

- Collages

Holy mother of grawl, heavenly graces[edit]

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