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The table row for items for use in vendor inventory tables. for use with {{vendor table header}}.

{{vendor table row
| item = 
| cost = 

{{vendor table row
| item = 
| type =
| quantity = 
| level = 
| rarity = 
| cost = 


The table creates a subobject with the following properties:

  • Has vendor
  • Sells item
  • Has item quantity
  • Has item cost


Required. Name of the item
(Not required if the id parameter is filled in instead)
The item type. Defaults to {{item type|<item>}}.
Quantity of item given by the purchase. Defaults to 1.
Level of the item. Only required if the item has more than one possible level. Defaults to Property:Has level requirement.
Rarity of the item. Only required if the item has more than one possible rarity. Defaults to Property:Has item rarity.
The cost of the item. Use a + symbol if the item requires multiple currencies.
Optional. This parameter totally changes the internal behavior of the template. Do not use it to provide chat links because it won't work.
If set, then the template will lookup the item matching that ID. This parameter allows item subobjects to be accessed.


{{vendor table header}}
{{vendor table row
| item = Elementalist Gear
| cost = 30 Watchwork Sprocket + 3000 coin
{{vendor table row
| item = Endless Mystery Cat Tonic
| cost = 100 laurel
{{vendor table row
| item = Cirque of Arah
| cost = 100 laurel + 5 Glob of Ectoplasm