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About Me Info & Boxes

Mgrinshpon has been happy recently. He drank a good alcoholic beverage recently. He has been satisfied at work recently. He admired the natural beauty of the world recently. He has slept without a proper bed recently.

Mgrinshpon is a faithful worshipper of Ishen Seedromances the Passionate Petals.

Mgrinshpon was born on the 12th of August, in the year 1990.

Mgrinshpon is the glorious leader of Jive Renegades [Ban].

Mgrinshpon is an administrator of gwpvx. Mgrinshpon is an administrator of pvx@wikia.

He is incredibly huge but weak. He is quick to heal.

Mgrinshpon likes iron, steel, carbon fiber, mahogany, human skin, eagles for their majesty, rabbits for their fluff, and piplups for their adorable features. He absolutely detests vermin dogs. When possible, he prefers to consume tuna sushi, unsweetened green tea, and Western European beers.

He has good intuition, excellent spatial sense, an acceptable comedic sense, but a poor feel for social relationships and poor musical ability.

He has a very calm demeanor. He is slow to anger. He is impervious to the effects of stress. He can easily become absorbed in art and the beauty of the natural world. He needs alcohol to get through the working day.

A short, sturdy creature fond of drink and industry.

In game Grinch Healer
Wikis PvX, GW, GWW, GW2W, EVE, TaRa
MSN view
AIM mgrinshpon
IRC #pvx, #gwiki, #gww
Guild Jive Renegades [Ban]
PvP This user plays PvP.
en-N This user is able to contribute with a native level of English.
ru-3 This user is able to contribute with an advanced level of Russian.
  • Legendary Grinch (Human Warrior, Female)
  • Gigantic Grinch (Asura Guardian, Male)
  • Invincible Grinch (Sylvari Ranger, Male)
  • Secret Grinch (Charr Thief, Female)
  • Dynamite Grinch (Human Engineer, Male)
  • Glorious Grinch (Norn Elementalist, Male)
  • Infamous Grinch (Asura Necromancer, Male, not yet made)
  • Fabulous Grinch (Human Mesmer, Male)
  • Remember Grinch (Norn Revenant, Female)